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The Nansei-Gunto Space Agency (NGSA) is a space agency operating for the Nansei-Gunto Region. The agency was founded in part by Wenyanga and the Minecraftia Association. It works closely with the Federated States Aerospace Agency.



Talks of having a space agency for the Epsilonian Republic had existed since late September 2020, and an official House of Representatives proposal by minister of transport Airplane Guynine to form a space agency was raised in conjunction with the case for condemning Crimson V Master. Unfortunately, due to the issue of Mr. Crimson vastly overshadowing the space agency, it wasn’t discussed much after. When Airplane Guynine was officially made interim governor of Nansei Gunto, he decided to restart his ambition for a space program. (Hey, the FS has one, why can’t we) Therefore, in early November, 2020, the Nansei-Gunto Space Agency was created by a decree issued by Mr. Guynine of Nansei Gunto, aiming to bolster Nansei-Gunto’s capabilities and prestige on the world stage. A deal was made with the FSAA to use the South Zeta Space Center until a domestic one could be built. Then, late night on the 26th of November, 2020, Shahai mayor Weier unveiled pad 1A, and subsequently pad 2A to the world, which was broadcast live on TeleNansei Channel 6.


Shahai Jushan Space Center

The Shahai Jushan Space Center (沙海橘山发射中心) is a space launch facility (spaceport) located in the southwest of the main island of Shahai, in the Chuo province. Construction of both medium rocket launch pads were completed on the 26th of November, 2020, with funding from NGSA. Being the first space launch facility in Nansei Gunto, it has regularly scheduled launches. Access to the spaceport itself is quite restricted, and being located in the remote deserts of the Jushan region of Shahai helps to keep it that way. The FSAA also has the rights to use the facilities located here, in exchange for technology regarding crew modules in space. Plans are set to open up the area to tourists hoping to go rocket spotting, including a planetarium, museum, and stands to watch launches from afar. As the pads are built facing Lake Gunto to the east, if a failure were to occur, the rocket would splash down into the ocean instead of harming civilians.

New Singapore Missile Silo

Created for the purpose of defence, this launch facility has been under much scrutiny from outside eyes, condemning Nansei-Gunto for giving the go ahead on a nuclear weapons and missiles program. Treated as an urban legend by locals, the government of Nansei-Gunto deny being in possession of nuclear weapons, saying it doesn’t have the research capabilities to accomplish the feat. Said to be one of the most technologically advanced defence system in the world, it has caused diplomatic coldness between some states and Nansei-Gunto.


Launch Vehicles


Lianhe (Chinese: 联合, meaning "union") is a family of Nanseisian expendable launch systems developed and manufactured by Shahai Jushan Space Centre in Shahai, Nansei-Gunto. Lianhe vehicles are used as the launcher for the crewed Lianhe spacecraft as part of the Lianhe programme, as well as to launch uncrewed Qianjin supply spacecraft. All Lianhe rockets use RP-1 and liquid oxygen (LOX) propellant.

The Lianhe launcher was derived from Nanseisian ballistic missile designs. It has 4 boosters that separate during launch and usually has 3 stages, although a fourth can be added to achieve an unusual elliptical orbit.


Qianjin Mission

The Qianjin Mission is a cargo resupply mission. The first mission will send food restock supplies for Eat and Bowl to the Lumensburg district of Savage City while it was still floating in the Lab World, where no vehicle could reach from the factory in Amestris.

Name Launch site Launch






Qianjin-1 Shahai Jushan Space Center, NSG 29/05/21 Lianhe-1 In Progress First Qianjin mission, sent Eat and Bowl supplies to the Lumensburg district of Savage City. At the time of launch, it was the only way for the 7 Eat and Bowls in Lumensburg to restock on food while it was still in the Lab World. The launch was successful, and the Qianjin spacecraft is currently in the cruise phase.