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National Airlines

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Founders ModernArt, frogggggg
Staff AlfiePops
Facts and Figures
Slogan We Connect The World.
Hubs Titsensaki Regional Airport
Fort Yaxier International Airport
Norwest Airfield
Birchview International Airport
Freedon International Airport
Founded December 2nd 2015, (As FernAir) October 16th 2017, (Partners with FlySubway) October 19th 2017, (Merged with GreyAir) October 20th 2017, (As National Airlines) October 23 2017, (Started Operation)
Alliance SkyTransit



National Airlines is an airline owned by frogggggg, ModernArt, and AlfiePops. The airline currently has hubs at Norwest and Titsensaki (somewhat Fort Yaxier), and has some planned focus cities. National was formed out of 2 airlines, GreyAir and FernAir. The airline's subsidiary is nex airlines. We are in SkyTransit and our slogan is We connect the world.


* Titsensaki A is Titsensaki Airfield, and Titsensaki B, is the big airport.

* Flight 10, Titsensaki B is not operational, only Venceslo-Schillerton

Flight From Towards Status
NationalLogo21.jpg 01 Birchview Fort Yaxier Status: Rsz open.png
Operated by Silkair.jpg 02 Birchview ATC Status: Rsz open.png
NationalLogo21.jpg 03 Titsensaki A Norwest and Marblegate Status: Rsz open.png
NationalLogo21.jpg 04 Titsensaki A Airchester and Woodsdale Status: Rsz open.png
NationalLogo21.jpg 05 Elecna Bay Titsensaki A and Espil Status: Rsz open.png
NationalLogo21.jpg 06 Fort Yaxier Titsensaki A and Deadbush Status: Rsz open.png
NationalLogo21.jpg 07 Titsensaki B Freedon Status: Rsz attention.gif
NationalLogo21.jpg 08 Espil Freedon Status: Rsz open.png
NationalLogo21.jpg 09 Unknown Freedon Status: Rsz attention.gif
NationalLogo21.jpg 10 Schillerton Venceslo and Titsensaki B Status: Rsz open.png
NationalLogo21.jpg 11 Ilirea UCWTIA Status: Rsz open.png
Operated by nex airlines 101 Ilirea Titsensaki A Status: Rsz open.png