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Town Officials
Mayor Minecrafter_11
Deputy Mayor megascatterbomb
MRT  WN7  Foobar
Facts and Figures
Population 1
Town Hall Coordinates IDK
Founded Feb. 2018 GSM
Recognized as town I need to look up the date
Town Rank [Councillor]
World New
Political Party TBD, need to look at some politics
Ward(s) 7, 8

NAUVIS is a town located at WN7.

I will improve the formatting and add screenshots soon. -Minecrafter

How to get here

All methods assume you are starting at Central City. Also, all methods require riding the Western line, as it is the only way into the city (so far, I plan on building a road to the A8 once I manage to ask Architect.)


Start by navigating to CC Heliport. Check in at South Weast Airlines to Utopia (Gate B), and take the helicopter to Utopia. Take the nearby shuttle to the small gates terminal. Take South Weast Charter from gate B6 to Spring Valley Rgnl. Airfield. From here, take the Western Line MRT to  WN7  Foobar. You have arrived.


Get on the A0 beltway, and travel to A8. Take the A8 to the Northern terminus(Spring Valley). Transfer onto the B(I forgot the number, Ill fix this tomorrow).


Board the Expo West Line to  XW29  Foobar WN4  Foobar. Transfer to the Western line, and ride north to  WN7  Foobar.

Flag of Kaktus Republic.jpeg This city is a proud member of the Kaktus Republic Flag of Kaktus Republic.jpeg