New Chandigarh

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New Chandigarh
Skyline of New Chandigarh
Skyline of New Chandigarh and the Open Hand Monument
Flag of New Chandigarh.png
Flag of New Chandigarh
Deputy MayorSpegit
City recognition
Date foundedAugust 19, 2021
Date recognized as CouncillorJune 30, 2022
Date recognized as MayorJuly 8, 2022
Date recognized as SenatorOctober 9, 2022
Date recognized as GovernorMarch 13, 2023
Town hall coordinates-10991, 69, 7505
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 6
Post code(s)NC
MRT M43  New Chandigarh Central
Road connectionsA6
Bus facilitiesNew Chandigarh Intercity Bus Station
No. of buildings116+
Former name(s)Harrington

New Chandigarh, originally founded as Harrington, is a Governor-ranked city founded and owned by Saltedline. Located in southwestern Epsilon around M43 station on the MRT Mesa Line, New Chandigarh is known for its high-density urban planning, grid-based road network, and its brutalist style Government Complex.



Overpass surrounding M43 station before New Chandigarh was developed

New Chandigarh was founded on August 19, 2021. Seeking for the MRT station with a premier-ranked city nearby, Saltedline claimed the M43 station and the land around it with the help of Missa_Solemnis. The city was initially named Harrington, after American political activist Michael Harrington. After demolishing highway overpass around the station built by an unknown inactive player, nothing was built near the station besides an underground enterance for the MRT Station and an unfinished brick plaza.

After the long break, Saltedline decided to finally start developing the city at June 20, 2022. The city was registered with the new name "New Chandigarh", since the name Harrington was already taken. Inspired by the city plan of Chandigarh, India by Le Corbusier, superblock-based urban planning in southern Seoul, and other grid-based highly developed cities in the MRT Server like Elecna Bay and Kolpino City, New Chandigarh adopted a 100 x 75 / 125 x 75 grid for its road network. Six grids of road were initially built, mostly by hand. Spegit007 was named as the deputy mayor after she helped Saltedline get the citizen rank.

Councilor and Mayor era

Earlier Development in New Chandigarh, around July 2022
Councilor-ranked New Chandigarh around July 2022

Starting with the New Chandigarh City Hall and New Chandigarh Cultural Center at the Government Complex, high-rise office buildings and residential buildings sprung out quickly after getting basic information in worldedit and //stack. The city gained Councilor rank at June 30 2022, and Mayor rank at July 8 2022, both endorsed by DintyB and Mojang1014.

New Chandigarh Intercity Bus Station when it was built

Many buildings were built after gaining Mayor rank, including New Chandigarh Mall, an art gallery, a department store, and the MBS Southern Studio. After connecting the city to A6 with trumpet interchange built by AP_Red, New Chandigarh Intercity Bus Station was built to connect the city with other towns and cities. Road grid was expanded south in July-August 2022, and expanded north in November 2022. Commercial spaces around the city including New Chandigarh Mall and the bus bays at the New Chandigarh Intercity Bus Station were quickly filled up with franchises and bus routes by sending requests aggressively to other server members online using private chat.

Senator era

The quick development in New Chandigarh was in halt from September to early November, but the city managed to gain Senator rank via unanimous vote of 5-0. New Chandigarh City Museum, a spleef stadium, and MRT Labor Union Center were also built during this period of development.

After another break spanning December 2022 and early January 2023, New Chandigarh started to develop nine more roads grids for Goveornor rank. SL Holdings Headquarters, Michael Harrington School and New Chandigarh Catholic Church were among the newest addition to the city. Road network also expanded east, adding six additional blocks on the northeast and road circling the Government Complex. District system were also adapted during this period. Government Complex saw significant development with the addition of embassy building, Ministry of Intercity Affairs, two residential blocks for city officials, New Chandigarh City Monument Tower and New Chandigarh Ministry of Culture. Plan for New Chandigarh Metro system was completed, and is commissioned to worrski for construction.

Governor era

After New Chandigarh was promoted to Governor in March 14, 2023 with unanimous approval by staff, the city development was slowed down. Nevertheless, an IKEA store, several sculptures, and the Jeanneret Lake was completed with the help of several conductors and mods.

Geography and Transport


New Chandigarh was built around the station M43 of MRT Mesa Line, connecting the city with Southwest City, Heampstead, and Deadbush to East and Coruscant and Welchett to the West. The city was built at the relatively flat Desert biome directly west to Grand Mesa. Several small streams flow through the city area, including the Southern Stream in the Breuer district and the City Stream in the Doshi district. Lake Jeanneret, an artificial lake connected to Southern Stream, lies on the southeastern part of the city.

Road Network

View from 4th Street with red walkways
View from 4th Avenue with red walkways

Roads of New Chandigarh are arranged to form the grid of 100x75 or 125 x75. Each block usually consists of 4-7 buildings. Along with the motorway, green walkways run along with the avenues spanning east-west, and red walkways run along with the streets that spans north-south. Blue walkways provide pedestrian connection inside the city block. Avenues are numbered from south to north, and streets are numbered from east to west. As of March 2023, 8 streets, 4 avenues, and 21 blocks excluding the Government Complex is completed and 6 blocks are to be developed. New Chandigarh would have 8 streets, 10 avenues, and 55 blocks when the city fully expands, spanning from x=-10300 and x=-11800.


New Chandigarh Intercity Bus Station
New Chandigarh Intercity Bus Station

New Chandigarh is connected with other cities via bus routes from New Chandigarh Intercity Bus Station. All 12 bus bays at the station are claimed and each serves direct intercity route and full stop route.

New Chandigarh Intercity Bus Station
Bay Bus Companies Destination
1 Seabeast Buses Hamblin
2 DLink Buses Borderville
3 JiffyBus Parkland
4 Kirdéliner Welchett, Deadbush
5 Prime Bus Murrville-Arcadia International Airport, Arcadia
6 Kirdéliner Kaloro City
7 Dachshund Bus Lines Waterville
8 Caravacan Caravan Company Caravaca
9 Prime Bus Deadbush
10 ViaBus Venceslo
11 Busnet Serena
12 IKEAlink Covina

A warp rail station planned to be placed under New Chandigarh Intercity Bus Station is to be served with various warp rail compamies including NewRail FLR and Luna. New Chandigarh Metro System is planned to have 3 planned lines. Line 1 is under development as of March 2023. New Chandigarh currently has no airport or heliport, but Oscar Niemeyer New Chandigarh Airport is planned to be built on the southeastern area.


New Chandigarh is divided into several districts. Each district consists of 6-9 blocks, with residential, commercial, and business buildings accessible within each district. Each blocks within the district and buildings within one block are numbered from south to north, then east to west. Large areas that serve designated purpose around the city proper could also form a district. 3 districts have been fully built, 1 district is being worked on and 8 more districts including 5 at the city proper are currently planned as of March 2023.

Government Complex

View of New Chandigarh Government Complex, showing New Chandigarh City Hall at the center

New Chandigarh Government Complex houses buildings for New Chandigarh Government. In contrast to other districts that includes several city blocks, the Government Complex consists of one giant block. Notable builds in the Government complex include New Chandigarh City Hall, which was the first building completed using Worldedit and the second building to be ever built on the city, and New Chandigarh Embassy building, which houses 11 embassies for various cities around the server.

List of Builds in the Government Complex
Build No. Name
1 New Chandigarh City Hall
2 New Chandigarh Cultural Center
3 New Chandigarh City Court
4 New Chandigarh Embassy Building
5 New Chandigarh City Hall Annex Office
6 New Chandigarh Councilors' Residence 1
7 New Chandigarh Councilors' Residence 2
8 New Chandigarh Ministry of Culture
9 Kim Joong-up Memorial
10 Meditation Room
11 Mayor's Residence
12 Mayor's Office

Breuer District

View of Breuer District with MBS Southern Studio and Office, MRT Mesa Line

Named after Marcel Breuer, a Hungarian-American architect who was famous for his brutalist-style buildings, Breuer District was second district to be fully built in New Chandigarh. Breuer District consists of six blocks around the M43 MRT station, south of Corbusier district. Notable builds in Breuer District include MBS Southern Studio and Office, New Chandigarh Church, and SL Department Store. Nearby areas of MRT Mesa Line, which runs through Breuer district are decorated with parks, a small open-air theater, and small shops built by Mojang1014. western part of Southern Stream runs through the eastern part of Breuer District.

Corbusier District

View of Corbusier District with New Chandigarh Mall at the center

Named after Le Corbusier, who led the city planning of Chandigarh, India, Corbusier District was the first district to be completed in New Chandigarh. Corbusier District consists of six blocks built west of Government Complex, north of Breuer district, and south of Doshi district. Builds in Corbusier District are mostly high-rise office buildings and hotels, mostly built along the 4th Avenue. small residential complexes were also built on the western part of the district. Notable builds in Corbusier District include SL Bank Headquarters, Saltedline & Co. New Chandigarh Office, New Chandigarh City Hospital, and New Chandigarh Mall.

Doshi District

SL Corporation Headquarters, located at Doshi District

Named after B. V. Doshi, an Indian architect who worked on Chandigarh's Capitol Complex with Le Corbusier, Doshi District is the biggest district on the New Chandigarh Proper, consists of 9 blocks at the north of Corbusier District. It was the third district to be completed, and the first district to be completed after New Chandigarh acquired Senator rank. Builds in Doshi District are mostly housing complexes, office buildings, and commercial buildings designed for residents of housing complexes. Notable builds include SL Corporation Headquarters, Michael Harrington School, Camelot Estate and Feline Holdings New Chandigarh Regional Office. Part of small stream flowing north was preserved before flattening the small hill once placed west of the district.

Future Developments

Artigas District is planned for six blocks built north of Government Complex and east of Doshi District, for mostly residential buildings. Other planned districts on the city proper include Eames District, Fry-Drew District, Gropius District, and Hilbeseimer District. Industrial area, New Chandigarh city park, New Chandigarh Oscar Niemeyer Airfield, and New Chandigarh Institute of Technology is planned to have its own district.


Most of the builds in New Chandigarh are inspired from works many modernist architectural works around the world. Some of builds are modified from the inspiration to fit in the city block.

New Chandigarh City Hall was largely inspired by Maison du Bresil at Paris, France by Le Corbusier. Design of New Chandigarh Intercity Bus Station, New Chandigarh City Museum, New Chandigarh Church and New Chandigarh City Court was also taken from works of Le Corbusier. New Chandigarh Mall follows the same design of typical commercial complexes in Sector 17, Chandigarh.

MRT Labor Union Confederation Headquarters, the first building on MRT dedicated to Labor Union, was largely inspired by brutalist design of Centre National de la Dance at Pantin, France by Jacques Kalicz.

City Hospital of New Chandigarh, Saltedline & Co. Building, and Daisy Estate was both inspired by architectural works of late US Architect Bertrand Goldberg, including now-demolished Prentice Women's Hospital, unbuilt ABC Headquarters at New York and Hilliard Towers at Chicago.

MBS Southern Studio and Office, inspired by design of Korean Broadcasting System Headquarters, and SL Department Store, taken from Sun Plaza Mall, both at Seoul, South Korea follows the design of late South Korean architect Kim Joong-up. Design of New Chandigarh City Monument Tower at the Government Complex was also taken from Kim's design of Memorial Tower for Cherishing the Souls of Patriots at Busan, South Korea.

Low-rise brick buildings at the northeast of Doshi district and the plaza around the builds were inspired by works of South Korean architect Kim Swoo-geun including Arko Museum, former Samteo headquarters, Catholic Hyehwa-dong Church, and former KIND headquarters.