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New Delvin

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New Delvin
Town Officials
Mayor Omricon
Deputy Mayor


MRT  B3  New Delvin
Roadways  I-0 
Facts and Figures
Population 16
Founded July 22, 2012

New Delvin is one of the oldest cities on the MRT server. Its construction was started by Omricon and hellfirew44 during the second week of the server opening, and has been expanding ever since.  B3  New Delvin is part of the  B  Blue Line, and is located near the terminus station  B1  Gund Valley in the North-west corner of the map.



  • Omricon

Deputy Mayors:

  • hellfirew44
  • ortem


  • s1m0np3t3r
  • kiwirainbow
  • Music3_0
  • Just_Robinho
  • Chiefbozx
  • mustang_guy
  • yeamanator123
  • iNninjaa
  • gogojakeo
  • 0rocketscience0
  • alfiepops9
  • minecrafter0505

Town News

- ~21 July 2012: Litus Tower construction began.

- ~22 July 2012: New Delvin was founded.

- ~24 July 2012: Unnamed skyscraper contruction began.

- ~25 July 2012: Litus Tower finished exterior construction.


- January 2013: Architechnic Headquarters begins construction.

- January 2013: Architechnic Headquarters finished exterior construction.

Major Attractions

New Delvin is home to attractions among other things:

Litus Tower

Architechnic Headquarters

The Drinking Hole

Delvin Opera House

Delvin City Hall

Epilaos Headquarters

New Delvin's City Districts

Veteres District

Also known as Old Town is the oldest part of New Delvin, reaching back to the Old Delvin, at the current time it is also the most dence district.

Speculum District

Also known as Glass District, it is one of the richest districts in New Delvin.

Operari District

Also known as Industrial District, it is currently empty, take a highway crossing between Mercandi District and Operari District.

Mercandi District

Also known as Trade District, it is currently empty, take a highway crossing between Mercandi District and Operari District.

Portum District

Also known as Harbour District, containst a dock, a loading bay and a lighthouse.

Viridi District

Also known as Green District, Currently holds the unfinished City Hall and unfinished Delvin Opera House.