New Genisys Airfield

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New Genisys Airfield
New Genisys Airfield.png
The airfield in the sunrise with MRT Airlines in the foreground and OLA in the background.
  • ICAO: ????
Airport typeCivilian
ServesNew Genisys
LocationSouthern New World
Hub forCES
Direction Length Surface
ft m
Officially opened2019

New Genisys Airfield is an airfield located on the bottom of the new world. It only serves one city which is New Genisys. It is a hub for MRT Airlines as well as a hub for Oceanic Langus Airways. The airport is owned by LightingMC. This airfield contains 12 gates, 10 are for CES, 2 new gates are for FliHigh and Infamous.

Gate Request Rules

  • Please tell Lighting where you are planning to flying so he can approve it or not. Flights are normally approved if they are within reasonable distance and if there's aren't too many flights already to the same destination. You may request a flight by any means possible, but do not paste in planes until you have permission. Pay first before setting up flights. You will be warned if you set up a flight without telling me.
  • Putting multiple warps in one gate counts as having multiple flights. Therefore you must pay me for each warp you put in your planes. Likewise adding extra warps to your planes without my permission is considered setting up a flight without my permission. If you want to add more destinations please ask me.
  • Reasonable Distance Rule(Must Read): Due to this being an airfield, only small planes may fit within each gate. Since only regional jets can fit, they must fly to destinations within reasonable distance (NO SMALL PLANES FLYING ACROSS THE WORLD AND NO INTERATIONAL FLIGHTS). A reasonable distance would be anywhere south of Central City. Please do not fly anywhere super close to CC. For example. Formosa is too close and no flights should go there. There is a flight to Kanto, which is the only exception to this since the flight was set up prior to this rule being established. IF YOU WANT TO FLY TO NORTHERN PARTS OF THE WORLD, YOU MUST MAKE A CONNECTION TO ANOTHER AIRPORT WITHIN REASONABLE DISTANCE OF NEW GENISYS.
  • In the reasonable distance rule, medium planes may fly ANYWHERE ON THE NEW WORLD. Large planes may fly to any destination on the server. This does not apply right now but will apply when New Genisys gets an official governor airport.
  • If you violate these rules your flight will be removed. If you violate a 2nd time your airline will be banned from the airfield. If you make anymore flights from GSZ after your second warning, your entire alliance will be banned. If your alliance leader can make a reasonable compromise with me, your alliance may or may not be banned, but all airlines that you own will.
  • Reasonable distance rule only applies if you are serving New Genisys to reduce risks of protests. On your first warning you will have to pay a fine of $100 and the price for the fine increases at a rate of $100 per warning.
  • If your airline is banned from the airfield all flights the airline had put into service are subject to removal. They may either be replaced by me, or another player. If you violate the reasonable distance policy the flight will simply be removed and if your airline is banned the flights violating such policy will not be replaced.
  • As long as your plane is appropriate size for the gate you get assigned, I DO NOT care about what type of aircraft you use and how it looks. Placing super undersized aircraft for the gate is not allowed however. Any aircraft is allowed as long it follows the distance policy.


If your flight has to be removed you may or may not receive a refund. Refunds usually are worth the same amount you paid for your gate. You will only be refunded for the flights that were removed. Removal of your flight does not guarantee a refund. It depends on the reasoning for the removal of your flight. Some scenarios for flight removals in which the owner WILL BE GIVEN REFUNDS include, but are not limited to:

  • Your flight was assigned a gate by mistake when the gate was supposed to be given to another player.
  • Your flight was removed from your assigned destination for no clear reason.
  • Your flight was removed due to airport renovations and cannot be re-assigned another gate.
  • Your flight was removed from your assigned destination due to airport renovations.
  • You decide that you do not want your gate after being assigned.

If your flight removal satisfies the conditions for a refund. You can either get your money back from me OR you can choose another destination for reduced to no prices. On the other hand, your flight may be removed without a refund. Some conditions in which you will not be refunded include, but are not limited to:

  • Your flight was removed for serving a destination that was already served and replaced by another flight with a unique destination.
  • Your flight was removed for violating airport policies either here or at your assigned destination.
  • Your flight was removed due to your alliance being banned from the airport.

I have the rights to refund/not refund for other reasons. Not getting a gate does not mean you have to pay me initially for the request.

Gate Requests

Airline Plane or Heli Username Destination(s) Excepted?
Foobar Airlines aeroplane Elpmurf Example City E
SunAir Plane Echohue Sunshine Coast International, maybe another dest. Denied (Gates are now full)
BluAir Plane hvt2011 DEA Denied (Gates are now full)
Infamous Airlines Plane woorich999 WMI Excepted

Current Flights:

Gate Airline Destination(s) Status Duration
1 MRT Airlines #1735 Chan Bay International Airport Service Good.png Good service 4h 00m
2 MRT Airlines #2247 Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport Service Good.png Good service 3h 00m
3 Aer Langus #096 Kantō International Airport Service Good.png Good service 5h 00m
4 Aer Langus #057 and Aer Langus #4 Chan Bay Municipal Airport, Gemstride Melodia Airfield Service Good.png Good service 4h 00m, 3h 00m
5 MRT Airlines #1294 Segville International Airport Service Good.png Good service 3h 30m
6 MRT Airlines #5236 Murrville-Arcadia International Service Good.png Good service 4h 00m
7 FliHigh Airlines #82 Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport Service Good.png Good service 2h 45m
8 BluAir #243 West Mesa International Airport Service Good.png Good service 3h 00m
9 Aer Langus #097 Pixl Vinayaka International Airport Service Good.png Good service 3h 30m
10 Aer Langus #084 Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport Service Good.png Good service 4h 20m
E1 Ray Airlines #001 Murrville-Arcadia International Service Good.png Good service 4h 00m
E2 New Genisys Fighter Jet N/A N/A N/A