New Mackinaw

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New Mackinaw
Deputy MayorPtldKnight
StateShadowpoint Republic (federal capital)
Governing PartyCentralist Party
RoadHighway B1.png
RailNew Mackinaw Union Station
BusNew Mackinaw Union Station
SeaPort of New Mackinaw
CurrencyMRT Dollar
Date FoundedFebruary 29th, 2020
Recognized as a TownAugust 3rd, 2020

New Mackinaw is a town in the Zeta Region. The Mayor is EliteNeon and the Deputy Mayor is PtldKnight. The town was founded on February 29th, 2020. The city is a founding member of the Metropolitan North Association, and serves as Capital of the Shadowpoint Republic.


First Year

New Mackinaw was founded on February 29th, 2020 on Zeta Expansion Day. The massive land rush, as well as the major connectivity issues on the day meant that EliteNeon landed some 500 meters away from his intended location. Elite was not put off, as the entire Peninsula was excellent for development. A dock was built to handle sea traffic, and a plaque was built on that dock to commemorate the founding. A City Hall was built and the city began building a road network. ArizTrad was then named Deputy Mayor. Over the next several months, several buildings would be built, however many would be destroyed and redeveloped. Elite was double-warned on May 29th for two months, and the city would slowly be developed over that period. After Elite's repromotion, the town was promoted to [Councillor] on August 3rd, 2020.


New Mackinaw was eventually relegated to a side project for two years. City hall was rebuilt several times without success. Long-promised rail and road projects were scaled back or cancelled. The city sat dormant, occupying several square kilometers of prime real estate. During this time, PtldKnight was made Deputy Mayor.

The New New Mackinaw

By August of 2022, Elite's other projects had run their course. Tired of rebuilding the Clipper Airlines network and his new town called Daly City, he decided to finally finish the New Mackinaw project. Having been promoted to [Conductor] the previous July, Elite began demolishing buildings and thinking of a new street layout. On September 7th, he formally announced the complete rebuild of the city. The next day, he publicly proclaimed the it the "New New Mackinaw" project. After a complete redesign of the street layout, the new city hall was completed in mid September. By November, a formidable skyline had risen of higher-quality builds in comparison to previous ones. On November 19th, Missa_Solemnis and chiefbozx promoted New Mackinaw to [Mayor], signifying a major milestone in the New New Mackinaw project.


New Mackinaw is led by the Mayor, who is assisted by the Deputy Mayor. New Mackinaw's legislative body is the City Council. New Mackinaw's judicial body is the Supreme Court. New Mackinaw has several executive departments that run the day-to-day business of the city.


New Mackinaw has a network of gridded streets. New Mackinaw Union Station hosts platforms for regional trains and the MRT Lakeshore Line. The New Mackinaw City Hall Marina acts as the main entry point for all trade and transportation. An interurban streetcar ran from Oparia Airport to Union Station via the median of Main Street, however that service was removed and will be replaced by a dedicated subway line along Main Street.

Culture and Sports

New Mackinaw shares an Exposition Sumotori League team, the Shadowpoint Tigers with the other Shadowpoint Republic Capital, Shadowpoint. The Tigers play in a small venue across the street from City Hall Park. New Mackinaw has been host to many rounds of Get To X as well as Fuck, Why Is Everyone Dying?

New Mackinaw City Public Broadcasting

New Mackinaw City Public Broadcasting is a city-financed public broadcasting service based in New Mackinaw. NCPB broadcast on radio at 89.1FM and is viewed on most television networks as Channel 20. NCPB was founded to broadcast the 2020 US Presidential Election. NCPB managed the Big Board in Central City, and now maintains it in its new locations in Shadowpoint and New Risima.