New Phoenix

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City of New Phoenix
Flag of New Phoenix.png
Town officials
Mayor MajorMagpie
Deputy Mayor _ShadowQueen_
MRT  C4  New Phoenix North
Facts and figures
Population Undetermined
Founded 01/10/2014
Town rank Mayor
Official language(s) English
World New World
Other info
Landmark MRT National Theatre

New Phoenix (officially the City of New Phoenix) is a growing modern-style city located mainly south of C4 station. The City was founded by _MajorMagpie_ and _ShadowQueen_ on the Gamma Opening Day as has seen continuing expansion and development since it's founding.

The city is served by C4 station on the Circle Line which was also built by _MajorMagpie_. Currently the fastest rail route to the city is taking the Zephyr Line North to C119/ZN12 and then transferring to the Circle Line on the Inner Rail Eastbound to C4. Eventually the best way to get to the city will be either New Phoenix International Airport for the Northern region or Port Phoenix for the Southern region.

City layout

New Phoenix is planned to be separated into several districts including the City centre, Northern suburbs, Government district and Industrial district. So far only the City centre and Northern suburbs are under construction however the Government district is in close planning and will begin construction very soon.

The city centre is inbetween C4 station and the Southern coast and is home to the larger builds in the city such as skyscrapers, City PLAZA and City Park. The Northern suburbs have much smaller builds like residential houses and shops. The Government district will be home to the city hall and Regional Council of the North East (RCNE) parliament building as well as city treasury and archives.


The PLAZA is the main landmark location of the city and acts as the city centre. Its large open rectangular space can be used for a variety of events and leisure activities and is lined with trees, benches and fountains for the pleasure of New Phoenix's residents.

It is also surrounded on three sides by the city's major landmarks: the Under_Score Corporation International Headquarters, New Phoenix Central Station and the MRT National Theatre.

City Transit

New Phoenix is planned to be fitted with an extensive transit system including Underground rail, Overground rail, Buses and Ferries. The status of rail lines currently in service or under construction can be seen below:

New Phoenix North Station Status

Status code line
Running  C4  New Phoenix North C4 Station - MRT Circle Line
Construction Northern Loop
Construction Southern Loop
Between NPN and Azure Shopping Park NPU Central Line
Previous station Next station
 C3  Benion Union
towards BirchView
 C4  New Phoenix  C5  Foobar
towards Airchester