New Woodbury

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New Woodbury
Town officials
Mayor AlfiePops
Deputy Mayor AP_Red
MRT  C100  New Woodbury
 T33  New Woodbury
 WN15  New Woodbury
Nearest airport New Woodbury Airfield
Facts and figures
Population 6
Town hall coordinates -6841 67 -5302
Founded November 2017
Recognized as town 13 December 2017
Town rank Senator
World New
Post codes NW8
Ward(s) 8

New Woodbury is a Senator-ranked town in Ward 8 of the New World. Its mayor is AlfiePops and its deputy mayor is AP_Red.


Back in 2014, before the new world, the current mayor (who was only a Guest back then) had plans to start a town called Woodbury. However, he never managed to start this town on the MRT - instead, he shifted to another server and started Woodbury there. When AlfiePops rejoined the MRT in October 2017, he finally applied for member (successfully) and started the town of New Woodbury.


New Woodbury follows quite a distinct theme, both in building design and in road layout. All custom buildings have spruce plank walls, and birch plank floor and roof, which curves over the top of each building. In terms of roads - there are none! New Woodbury uses gravel paths, which are easy to build, and still look attractive. The mayor wanted these building and road standards because he wanted New Woodbury to be unique.

Major Attractions

New Woodbury is home to the Cutler Centre. The Cutler Centre serves as an easily customizable landmark of New Woodbury, which is used to hold events and company conferences. All rooms in the centre can be changed to fit the client's needs - another sparse feature on the MRT. If you are hosting an event or would like to, please get in contact with AlfiePops - he will do his best to accommodate everything you need.


Currently, New Woodbury is connected to the MRT - through the MRT Circle Line, MRT Taiga Line, and the newly-completed MRT Western Line, and through New Woodbury Airfield

If you are interested in expanding your transport network to New Woodbury, get in contact with any of the town officials.


If you would like your franchise to be in New Woodbury, get in contact with any of the town officials. We have many available retail units, or you can construct your own.

- eGadget Electronics

- CherryTech Technologies

- Demeter Eatery

- This is a Buffet

- YouFuel

- Gregg Fyfe's Fish & Chips

- NicCoffee

- PineColada

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 C100  New Woodbury  C101  Foobar
towards BirchView
 T32  Jeeka
towards Central City—Northwest Station via Kessler
 T33  New Woodbury  T34  Foobar
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