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Founded September 10, 2018
Owner Government of Pixl (through TransportPixl)
Operator NextCorp

NextTrain is a warp train company spanning the MRT. It is owned by Transport Pixl, and operated by NextCorp.


NextTrain operates express warp trains between cities on the MRT. While the original Pixl Rail warp lines had a focus on transit to and from Pixl, NextTrain has a much broader reach, designed to connect cities on the MRT with each other. Lines planning is being facilitated by the Pixelate Partnership.


NextTrain was originally spun off the warp aspect/express lines of Pixl Rail. Due to various factors, Pixl Rail never ended up getting a warp train line. However, Transport Pixl's vision of a unified and fast transit service connecting the world to Pixl was not lost. With the help of NextCorp, a corporation based in Pixl, NextTrain was created, and much of the work done for Pixl Rail was transferred to NextTrain. On September 16 2018, TransportPixl purchased it's first rolling stock from AutoDesignZ (The E7-110 Engine, CA7-S Carriages, and CA7-Sk Cab Car).