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Stad Nieuwburg
Flag of Nieuwburg
Deputy MayorNeedn_NL
City recognition
Date foundedMay 17, 2022
Date recognized as CouncillorJune 5, 2022
Town hall coordinates-16201 -9840
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 8
Post code(s) NB8 
MRT NW38  Foobar
Road connectionsA92
Political affiliations

Nieuwburg, officially known as Stad Nieuwburg and also known as the City of Nieuwburg, is a city founded by _Lego_.


Nieuwburg was originally founded as a river port trading hub in the early 14th century. The town quickly gained a reputation as a hub for merchants, with its main street seeing massive daily traffic. Following the siege of 1542, Nieuwburg was decimated, and the current mayor of the town ordered a wall be constructed. Town expansion was practically put to a halt, and the town's economy stagnated.

During the industrial revolution, Nieuwburg was put back in the spotlight as expansion had grown steadily, the city had now encompassed a large portion of the riverbank, and was even expanding southwards too. The town eventually gained a helicopter connection, and as the A92 was built, Nieuwburg was connected to the world again. Nieuwburg would go on to gain a MRT station.


Nieuwburg was founded by _Lego_ after her two year absence on the MRT. She had originally tried to found a new town in the east during Christmas of 2021, with the same idea in mind, but moved to NW38 when she learned of Aurora. The town is inspired by the city of Amsterdam, and in general, the Netherlands.


Nieuwburg has four current districts, and one planned district

Oude Stad

Nieuwburg's Old Town district is the original center of Medieval Nieuwburg, hosting original buildings, and the famous Rotterdam Poort, the main city gate that was built following the Siege of 1542.


Nieuwburg Central is the residential hub and shopping center of Nieuwburg, hosting a wide variety of shops, mixed use apartments, and restaurants.


Nieuwburg's Transit Hub district encompasses the MRT station, Bus Terminal, Tramway Hub, and Nieuwburg Centraal rail station.


Nieuwburg's Financial district encompasses every building south of the MRT tracks. Included here are hotels, office high rises, apartments, and Nieuwburg's public services.


Nieuwburg's airport district is planned to be at the nearby NW39 station. As Nieuwburg is not yet a senator town, the district only exists as a proposal.

Intercity Transit


Nieuwburg exists on the A92, which connects it to Carnoustie and other cities.


Nieuwburg exists on the Northern Line at NW38, which serves as the only active rail connection to the town. Aurora Rail has yet to begin operations.


Nieuwburg's Heliport serves Sansvikk via RodBla Heli, and the city has plans for an airfield at Senator.


Currently, SeaBeast Bus and Aurora Bus are planned to serve Nieuwburg.