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Nimataka, Itokani
Owner MinecraftYoshi26
Itokani Local Transit connections TBD (planned)
Facts and figures
Founded August 15, 2020
Official languages English, Fijian
World New World
Ward 2

Nimataka is an island in the Northern Ocean that is a part of the town of Itokani. Owned by MinecraftYoshi26, the island is set to be a settlement for Itokani. The island is set to begin construction soon.

Nimataka is the notable for being the nautical center of Itokani.


During the construction of Waitui, Nimataka was officially claimed on August 20, 2020. It was planned to be Itokani's sixth island to have major construction; however, it was postponed a different claim was to be built on first.


The island was named after the Fijian word for 'tomorrow'. A few locations on the island are set to be named after Fijian words.


Situated in the Northern Ocean, the island is in the middle of the region of Senikau. Nimataka is in the middle of the Wananavu Reef. The waters surrounding the island are a lukewarm and warm ocean, showing a light blue tint.

In relation to other settlements, the closest other island is Karakarawa very close by to the south.

Builds and attractions