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N E W S ・ H A R B I N G E R ・ O F ・ J U H W A



[190111] - On this day of January 11th, 2019, the National Government declared an unexpected, but a major shift to the way political geography is structured and functions in the Juhwa Islands. No provinces or districts were dissolved, but instead a new jurisdiction was issued: cantons.

A canton can be best compared as a state, where the term "local" which are placed next to words like government, law, and representation takes a whole new meaning. Until recently, these functions were the responsibility of provinces, but with such a scale, it became increasingly difficult to get ahold of unfixable, local discordance with the system. With growing amount of intricacy placed on a provincial government, it became challenging for them to run smoothly, and instead more disorganized which risks governmental outage and eventual national emergency. Besides, to put things into perspective, provinces of Juhwa are comparable to a large city in international (MRT World) standards.

To combat this issue, the district representatives gathered at The Royal Island had voted monochromatically in favor of instituting a more localized jurisdiction and government underneath the provincial one. The King Foxo then declared that cantons would be revealed as a new level of geographical state, which basically is a combination of several districts that are geographically related to each other. In other words, the commonly used term "region" to describe a group of districts are now officially called a canton.

But this change can trigger some major, and possibly costly changes throughout the entire country. For instance, the Nexus Postal Network (NPN), which is the authority for the postal service and address system used in Juhwa Islands, will have to embrace a new distributing method to categorize cantons, and also revise the address system to accompany this new change. Meanwhile, the provincial government and the cantons will probably have to take a nice chunk of time to work together to separate provincial laws, and local laws.

But others didn't really seem to worry with changes. Due to "regions" already being used as a method of categorizing until recently, Telekom didn't need to revise much of their phone numbering system. In fact, because the new canton system nearly resembled the unofficial region system, much of anything which relied on the region system will require little to no revision. ◘



[190108] - The national rail authority, JHR has been actively progressing with their construction with Sagal Province's train hub, Sagal Station. They finally planned out a visible floormap to suit in all the respective rails that will service through this station, which includes the metro, BluRail, and even a domestic hyperloop as well, which would signify the first hyperloop system in the MRT World.

Considerations for other third-rails are being planned out, but the greatest of the hurdle remains the most well-known of all: the MRT Rail itself.

Certainly, the staff attempts to coax saying the MRT can freely revolve around Juhwa Islands so it can remain untouched, but the issue isn't there. The King Foxo expressed his intentions to serve MRT Rails in his territory, but the clash comes with a mess of its own reason: how it will enter the Juhwa Islands.

The story goes far back nearly a year ago when the MRT announced their extension plans to the southeast. The Eastern Line would puncture Sagal Province straight through, which the King Foxo was hesitant at first, but later had a change of heart. The clash really struck when Juhwa expressed that they were more than likely going to have to station at a stunningly deep level of Y=5, in which one of the moderators (name is intentionally classified) sharply condemned, stating that the MRT "cannot go that low".

However with Frumple and several other moderators present during the confrontation, Frumple wouldn't support this statement and instead insisted that this would be "far in the future anyways, and no concern will be need for a while", while several moderators affirmed that no such rules had existed on the MRT guidelines and stated they weren't sure what this was even about. Ever since, no issue in regards to this has surfaced, but the moderator attempted to heavily adjure Frumple for the construction permit of the Eastern Line. In the unlikely event should this request be resurfaced some day, Juhwa Islands stated that they are more than happy to file heavy opposition directly to Frumple.

Juhwa Island is an island nation with dense, major structures piled together. It is bustling to the point underground civilization has become a crucial point for Supies. Most rails and even roadways are underground, and lightheartedly pushing an MRT Line through all this would be immensely devastating and cruel. With the maze-like underground cartography of Juhwa, the government strongly stated that they themselves would know best of where would suit the passing MRT Line. This does seem like a protected issue though, as the guidelines does state an MRT Line passing through their state may be re-customized with staff cooperation.

But as time went on, this issue turned semi-obsolete with the changed enviornments. With further planning, Sagal Station is ready to hook-up MRT Eastern Line on a level around 30~35, which would probably enlighten the now inactive stringent. But currently, it seems possible MRT Eastern Line may just ignore Juhwa Islands which is bad news. But another word heard was just not to extend it at all- MRT may cease beforehand.

As of currently, the JHR is tense with where the Eastern Line will head- should they prepare the platform? Or should they not? The construction with Sagal Station may eventually delay along with the MRT Eastern Line. ◘



[190110] - During the earlier era of Juhwa Island's history, less regulations and more ambitions placed the great Dongryoon Hills vulnerable to predatory construction styles- cutting off edges of mountains, de-terrestrial conquering and polluting the environment, with the Yujunsa Temple becoming the most prominent example of this controversy. But a different plan nearly slammed a nail onto the hill's coffin, which literally paved cement roads on top of the hills and diminish the grand peaks of the highest elevation of the Juhwa Islands. Almost.

But just yesterday, naturalists were full of tears and joy to hear the announcement that this road was being cancelled, and that immediate rollback were to be conducted soon. The road's name was Route 11- the supposed-to-be one of the rare aboveground routeways to be ever constructed. It was to connect the difficult terrains of Dongryoon West and Dongryoon South, as mountains were splitting the two apart. Transporting between these two areas by foot is significantly difficult.

Route 11 was dubbed "The Dreamway" for having a roadway where the view would have been 'epic' - seeing the island from the highest peak would have provided a grand view. Using this aspect of their routeway, they requested funds from car enthusiasts, but heavily ignored the conservationists and locals of Dongryoon West and Dongryoon South. Buddhist communities also vocalized against the roadway, but seemed unable to come out properly thanks to the way Yujungsa Temple was constructed itself.

The Court of South however, got ahold of the growing complaints and sent the J.U.M.P Squad to launch a surprise attack into the offices of the Route Authority of the Islands (RAI). And last night, the Court declared multiple supies to be sentenced 24 years behind bars. They also demanded that the RAI lift the construction of the road done so far, and to restore the mountains as they were. ◘



[190119] - A legendary candymaker of California will be stepping foot onto a completely new dimension today, as the Juhwa Islands branch of AlikLolly, or known as AlikLolly JI, will be purchasing rights for See's Candies to expand their operations into the Juhwa Islands.

During a conference in the AlikRoo Building at Daeseo, Canton of Dongryoon, it was announced that as AlikLolly focuses on their classic parts of lollipops, See's Candies would be taking coverage for goods related to chocolates and old-fashioned candies such as peanut brittles. It has yet to be decided whether if AlikLolly and See's Candies will be sharing the same vendors or be located separately.

The regional partnership also stirred rumors that AlikLolly JI welcomed See's Candies for their similar store designs and similar styles. One thing for sure, is that this partnership will not be affecting any AlikLolly shops abroad, meaning if you want to see See's, then you gotta be in the Juhwa Islands.

This partnership also caused public outcry with dessert vendors, including Waffle House JI and Dongryoon Cruellers. Many specified that this would spark a danger of monopolization on the market of sweets, and demands for the government to control the two from working too close has risen. Some even quickly head to the whiteboards to plan their own chocolate franchise to compete with the incoming See's Candies. Meanwhile, the Royal Island has yet to comment. ◘



[190106] - Ever since 2012, Minecart Rapid Transit (MRT) has been operating without a pause for straight 6 years, and into today has the server become bigger than ever, with more organizations, players, contributions, and history. Little to none would disagree, with the little being those who were excommunicated from the server for noncompliance.

However, the so-called doomsday may not be so far away from today. Rumors have been spreading in which Frumple may seek to cut support for the MRT as early as next year's winter or spring.

So why is this a possibility? Frumple funds this server financially with the aid of donations from players online. The money would go to professional servers that runs the MRT in its finest quality. But seeming how the possibility of a shutdown became visible, it seems the donations aren't as much of a help recently, probably due to the decrease of it. When monetary support goes under the required line, the server will go unsupported and that means the end of the MRT.

To understand what this means, for certain would it mean Frumple will step down as the chairman for the server. But the consequences behind it, can become vastly different depending on what decisions are made. If a successor is confirmed, then MRT would continue under a new captain. Say not so, and it would mean the server as we know it will cease to exist in its online, multiplayer mode. Even if the server were to be available as copies for offline or private playing, it would be agreeable that would defeat the purpose of the MRT as we know it with the community and the liveliness.

Furthermore, Frumple has not expressed any intentions wishing to give up on the server just yet, either. At least, he doesn't seem to have a proper successor in mind, but even in that case if the server were to be underfunded, a sudden change in leadership isn't a good thing. It is a fact that Frumple managed to run the server without capitulation or negligence, and that requires a colossal amount of self-restriction and responsibility. Not many people has this capability, and there is a high chance lighthearted transitions to a new leader may cause instability and declination.

So, what will happen? Nobody knows just yet- after all, this is merely a rumor created with puzzled pieces together. The future can turn out exactly the opposite of how we hoped. ◘