Norcal Holdings

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Norcal Holdings
NCH Logo.png
CEO/Founder CodyHM
Additional Information
Headquarters Norcal Holdings Building, Central Seoland, The City of Seoland
Founded 2/17/2019
First Subsidiary Founded 8/28/2017

Norcal Holdings is a holdings firm owned by CodyHM, founded in Febuary 2019. Norcal Holdings can be found in several industries across the MRT. From the rail, bus, boat, and plane network of SEAT and Oceanic Langus Airways, to beverage industry leader DAVIDsTEA, our Asian markets such as Ranch 99 and Nijiya and hundreds of assorted retail stores across the world, Norcal Holdings can be found anywhere in on the MRT.


Norcal Holdings Companies

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In order to purchase a franchise, you must either contact CodyHM or go to the NCH Lab. The company runs on a honour system. All individual franchises are $20. You can mix and match and buy 6 for $90. You can then paste the schematics into your town. You must also list your town on the location section of each franchises wiki page.


Central City - Regional Office