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Nordic Corporation
Company Executives
Founder _frozen
Facts and Figures
Founded February 22, 2015
Headquarters Whitechapel

Nordic Corporation (known simply as Nordic) is a corporation on the MRT Server. Nordic was founded on February 22, 2015 by _frozen. Nordic was created after incident with the AMR founders put the AMR Corporation into a long-term standstill.

Nordic is broken into three major divisions. The divisions is: Nordic Agricultural, which covers all things farming; Nordic Franchises, which covers the restaurant and store franchise industry; and Nordic Transport, which covers yet another 4 sub-divisions of itself ranging from providing transportation through rail, air, and water.


Nordic Corporation is a company that was spun off from AMR Corp, a company owned by two Australians. After unfortunate events in early 2015, _frozen found it necessary to spin off active divisions of AMR Corp and into their own company to ensure the newer AMR Corp properties will last for the future and beyond. There is no plans to sell other portions of the AMR Corporation other than this current spin-off.

Nordic Corporation will not have existed without AMR Corporation, so it is a huge and integral part of the Nordic history.

Nordic was founded on February 22, 2015. Its Headquarters is located in the Corrigan District of Whitechapel, and occupies almost 3/4 of the Corrigan Ferry Plaza Tower Complex. It is easily accessed by going to the  A11  Whitechapel—Waterfront Station MRT Station, the Corrigan District Citirail Station, or if you were using the Northern Star Ferries, alight at the Corrigan Ferry Plaza.

On November 24, 2015 Nordic Agriculture was founded, adding a third division to Nordic. This covers mainly major farming operations in the Sheepshead District of Whitechapel. Future expansion of the Agricultural business, especially along the Seneca Canal, is planned.

A Major Regional Office will be eventually constructed in Central City in the very near future.

Nordic Franchises

Nordic owns several franchises for your shopping and dining pleasure. The main Nordic franchises are BrickMart, Green Dragon, Sushi Kushi, and Westcot Gas.

BrickMart is a grocery store headquartered in Whitechapel focusing on delivering goods and fresh food to the populace. Known for its size and quality service, BrickMart is a major addition to any growing city.

Westcot Gas is a gas station chain focusing on developing and serving the freeway of the New World. Easily identified by its bold colors of Orange and Grey, Westcot also has a gas storage facility in the Rivera district of Whitechapel and a proposed oil refinery to be built in the New World.

Sushi Kushi and Green Dragon is two old-world franchise that is slated for redevelopment and is currently seeking new locations on the Gamma World.

Nordic Transport

Nordic Transport covers a wide variety of transportation options on the server, ranging from Transit Construction to Airline Companies. It consists of 4 sub-divisions to focus on specific areas of transportation.

Nordic Transit Systems

Nordic Transit Systems (NTS) is the division responsible for the design and construction of various metro systems for cities all over the MRT server.

NTS offers several unique and popular designs for installation in client's cities, and services includes a full installation (planning, designing, and construction) to installing station systems and a lifetime warranty for any type of issues that may rise.

NTS is also responsible for the update and maintenance of specific AMR Legacy Systems. Those interested in up-keeping and maintaining the legacy AMR systems will need to consult Nordic for quotes and discussions.

All NTS Orders are currently on hold.

Nordic Rail Division

Nordic Rail is a new-world division focused on providing commuter-rail level service to the new world. With an aim at the realism of rail service and appearances, with new technology Nordic Rail has the goal of being the main third-party commuter and freight rail provider of the new World. It is tasked in building a realistic rail line connecting far-flung cities.

CitiRail is the commuter rail infrastructure service of the Nordic Rail Division. It builds tracks and stations along the trunk lines available for third-parties to share, and ensure all cities within its service corridors are adequately built and served by commuter rail. Citirail will have several hubs, but its headquarters are in the Corrigan/Whitechapel area.

Pacifica Rail is the commuter rail service of the Nordic Rail Division. Pacifica will provide rail service and ticketing between various cities and systems, and is not limited to CitiRail technology.

RegionalConnect is the commuter rail service acquired by Nordic Rail Division in 2016. Founded by RLCrafters, RegionalConnect serves several towns and utilizes its own technology to provide prompt and reliable services.

Nordic Freight is the freight rail service of the Nordic Rail Division. It provides a realistic and working freight systems that co-exists with the Nordic Rail System, and provides a new addition of actual freight movement to the MRT experience.

Nordic Flight Division


Nordic Flight is the division responsible for constructing and operating various air-based travel on the MRT.

Nordic Flight operates Whitechapel Sky Harbor, located East of Whitechapel. Whitechapel Sky Harbor currently possess 24 Gates for Aircrafts, and a 400 Block Long Runway, making it a Cat 1 Airport.

Skywest Airlines, also known as Skywest or SWA, is a major regional airline serving the MRT World with its fleet of AMR E-RJ145 airplanes. Its main hub is in the Whitechapel Sky Harbor. It also serves several other airports, such as MRT International Airport, Ilirea-Vermilion International Airport, and Zaquar Menage et Trois Regional Airport. Skywest is also expanding into other airports, with a projection of serving 5 airports by mid-2015.

Nordic Shipping Division

Nordic Shipping is responsible in developing canal infrastructure in the new world, and operates the Seneca Canal in its entirety. It also operates a Northern Star Ferries maintenance hub at the northern end of the Taiga Arm of the Seneca Canal.

Seneca Canal Corporation is the company tasked with maintaining the Seneca Canal, ensuring there are docks available for any booming cities along the Canal, and ensuring operations at a smooth pace along all drawbridges over the Seneca Canal. Seneca Canal Corporation is also the main owner of the canal, as it is a private build.

Northern Star Ferries operates ferries between several cities in the new world, focusing on encouraging services on the major northern lakes of the server. Its main hub is located at Whitechapel. For more information, please check Northern Star Ferries.

Nordic Agriculture

Nordic Agriculture is the division tasked with major agriculture development in the Sheepshead district of Whitechapel, with many major farming and agricultural services providing the world with the freshest food possible.

The Packard Company

The Packard Company (TPC) is focused on raising healthy and content animals on its pastures. TPC operates the Packard Pecos Horse Pasture in the old world, and the Packard Sheepshead Horse Pastures, the Packard Poultry Farm, and the Packard Cattle Farm on the new world. Remember, The best meat comes from the happiest animals, and the happiest animals call Sheepshead Home!

Rivera Butchers

The largest and most efficient butchers, Rivera Butchers receives fresh animals from FDA-Approved farms and humanely process the animals to bring us the best and fresh meat you can ever ask for.

Moscone Woolery Company

Moscone Woolery Co. provides the finest materials gathered from sheep to provide business the finest materials to create dazzling fashions. Located in Sheepshead, Moscone Woolery Co. prides themselves on free-range sheep to provide you the best wool money can ever buy.

Carvalle Co.

Carvalle Co. operates the many wheat, potatoes, and carrot fields in Whitechapel. Its main grain facility in Sheepshead stores the grain and offloads it into trucks and ships along the Seneca Canal. The Grain Mill is also known for the flour you must buy to get quality bread and pastries.

White Church Vinery

The Vineyard at Sheepshead is the only vineyard on the MRT, and they are testing the grapes to see if wines are going to be produced at Whitechapel.

Whitechapel Bacon Company

Whitechapel Bacon Company raises the pigs to full maturation with healthy feed to ensure the best bacon goes into your bodies. A significant percentage of bacon from the company also is stored at the secret MRT Bacon Vault.

Kona Sugar Company

A small sugar company focused on bringing the finest sugar using the pure water of Sheepshead Creek, Kona Sugar Company grows a small area of sugar canes in Sheepshead.

Watertower Pumpkin Patch

Growing squash and pumpkins for the fall season in the shadow of the Water Tower, the Pumpkin Patch is open year-around. During the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons, it is unusual to see a single pumpkin left over.

Sheepshead Tree Co.

A Christmas Tradition, the Sheepshead Tree Co. operates a Christmas tree farm in the district, with do-it-yourself tree selection and removal services open during the week prior to Christmas.

Northwoods Lumberyards

Since 1928, Northwoods Lumberyard offers you the best wood found on the world. With logging at the best forest across the server, Northwood Lumberyards makes boards and various wooden items for your home construction needs.