North Coast

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North Coast
Vice PresidentTBD
FoundedNovember 1, 2017
Official LanguagesEnglish, Dutch, Japanese

The North Coast Regional Council (Dutch: North Coast Gebiedsraad; Japanese: ノースコースト地域の評議会; Hepburn: Nōsukōsuto chiiki no hyōka-kai) more commonly known as North Coast is a Metropolitan Planning Organisation of the area south of the swamp in the Central NE area of the New World.


The basic idea for the North Coast started floating around in mid-2017 when a WMB boat line was built between Creeperville and Hendon. Both Frosty_Creeper10 and London150 thought that their towns were pretty isolated but right after the boat line started operation, dragonbloon419 made a comment about how Creeperville and Hendon were located in the same swamp. This surprised London and Frosty and sparked a discussion between the 2 mayors about working together because of how close their towns were. The main result of this initial discussion is the FrostyRail Hendon Line. Fast forward a bit, the actual North Coast was founded on November 30, 2017 when Needn_NL proposed to the mayors of neighbouring cities Creeperville and Hendon to work together because of our close distance. They accepted and the North Coast was hastily established.

In the midst of trying to establish a base for the MPO, Mercury203 came, joined the North Coast with the town of Shadowpoint which at the time he owned. He gained power and for a short period of time, became the first president. Eventually, he was asked to leave shortly before the incidents he was notriously involved in arose. Soon after, the North Coast experienced its first difficult period when the New Indigo MPO started gaining traction and the North Coast was considering on merging with it. A statement made by Needn_NL at that time said "North Coast is deciding to which degree they should merge with New Indigo, another MPO in the region with a shorther wikipage (touché)". Frosty_Creeper10 was very against the merge and eventually, it was voted that the North Coast should stay independent. Shortly after, New Indigo collapsed.

A short while after these events, the at that time CreepeRail Hendon Line started operation. It was also at this time that the first council was established, the Transport Council. Soon after, the second difficult and most challenging period for the North Coast started. There are more details on the FrostyRail wiki page but the trouble in the North Coast started when FrostyRail wanted to leave NewRail and take the Hendon Line which it had operated before the merge, with it. The dispute took weeks to resolve and eventually ended with the Hendon Line going to FrostyRail. Tensions were still high at this time though and at its peak, every week there was a new argument involving ModernArt and the other North Coast members.

The actual conflicts ended in early 2018 but even until now, the North Coast still maintains strict regulations against companies owned by ModernArt. The next few months were mostly peaceful with some rough patches here and there but it was at this time that the North Coast developed the most and where most of what you see now in the North Coast came from. The North Coast currently has not encountered any new issues and we hope it stays that way for a very long time.

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There are currently 6 members in the North Coast. Member applications will be discussed on a case by case basis, based mainly on proximity.

Member Cities

# State Status Mayor Parties
1 Winterside Member (founding) Needn_NL NCP (Central), LMF (Left-Wing) and GKKP (Right-wing) (see Greater Kalorese Politics)
2 Hendon Member (founding) London150 N/A
3 Creeperville Member (founding) Frosty_Creeper10 RPP (Regional Planning Party) (see Political Party Association of the MRT)
4 Hatch End Member (recognised 4 April 2018) GrumpyGoomba9 N/A
5 New Cainport Member (recognised 4 April 2018) AlexTheAlbatross N/A
6 Geneva Bay Member (joined 6 April 2020) Farkie1 N/A



Because of the need to establish a base for the MPO, Needn_NL took the formal power of the MPO on November 2, 2017, after he had it already informally as host of the meetings. He has stated that as soon as the fundament of the MPO has been made, he'll resign so the first elections can happen. This hasn't happened so far, and the last few months the foundations have been swept away again.

Number Name City Term
1 Mercury203 Shadowpoint November 3, 2017 - November 5, 2017
2 Needn_NL (incumbent) Winterside November 30, 2017 - present


There is currently no vice-president.


These councils help in coordinating projects in their field that targets the whole MPO.

Transport Council

The Transport Council is a catchall term for the three government agencies in each town that govern transit there. These 3 agencies convene in the council to coordinate in 3 fields of MPO-wide transport; namely, road, rail and air. Because of the council being composed of three separate government agencies. This council is led by three people. In Creeperville, it is led by SoaPuffball who is the head of the Creeperville Ministry of Rail and Road. In Winterside, it is led by Jan Struyk who is the head of the Winterside Transport Office. There is currently no information as to who is in charge of the council in Hendon.

Membership Council

The Membership Council is what makes decisions on the different types of members of the MPO and they also decide whether a city may join the MPO or not. It is currently led by Needn_NL.

Constitutional Council

This council is what decides what the constitution contains. It drafts proposals for constitutional amendments and makes changes to the constitution when necessary. The head of this council is Needn_NL.

Health Council

This council identifies places in the North Coast that are in need of medical facilities, notifies the mayor of the city the area concerned falls under and assists the mayor in the construction of the facility. Frosty_Creeper10 heads this council.

Planning Council

The Planning Council is where discussions on major plans occur. This council has no head and doesn't fit in with the other councils. There are discussions to remove its designation as a council.

Education Council

This council identifies places in the North Coast that are in need of schools, notifies the mayor of the city the area concerned falls under and assists the mayor in the construction of the schools. It is also where mayors discuss on their planned locations for schools. The head for this council is London150.

Customs and Immigration Council

This council is tasked with working with mayors to demarcate borders between North Coast members at all road crossings. It is also tasked with the identification of exit and entry points into the North Coast and the construction of border control facilities at said exit and entry points. This council is headed by Frosty_Creeper10.

Culture Council

The role of the Culture Council is to identify and preserve the culture of North Coast members. They also assist in the construction of museums, art galleries, etc. This council is led by Needn_NL.

Diplomacy Council

The Diplomacy Council is a council that is tasked with creating and operating diplomatic missions all over the MRT for the North Coast. They are also tasked with providing humanitarian aid for states that need it. The head of the Diplomacy Council is Frosty_Creeper10.