North Korean Food Shack

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North Korean Food Shack
Default Shack in Zerez
Founder airplane320
Owner 90% airplane320 , 10% SkyjumperTalon
Date Founded September 3, 2017
Number of Locations 69
Focus Cities (Cities with 5+ Shacks) Zerez (11), A.t. (8)
Defalt Shack $5
Food Court Shack $3.50
Custom Shack Medium $10
Custom Shack Large $20
Discounts Buy 3, get 1 free
Motto "Fresh Food Straight from the DPRK"
Sales (50% off) All Major U.S. National Holidays + Catholic Holidays
100% off sales On Christmas, New Years Eve, Easter, and June 6.
Menue Items H-Bomb Platter, Grilled Horse Meat, Fried Dog & Cat, Kim Special, & Wanton Soup

General Information

North Korean Food Shack Food Corporation is a company which serves original North Korean Food. The base model is $12 and custom $24. The menu includes 5 items. Signature Grilled Horse Meat for $9.99. H-Bomb Platter for $12.99. Fried Dog & Cat with brown rice and rum for $8.99. The Kim Special with rice and a drink of your choice for $7.50. Last but not least, the original Wanton Soup for $3.50. CEO: 90% - airplane320 10% - SkyjumperTalon. Founder: airplane320. Note, the Zerez government does not own North Korean Food Shack anymore and has handed over the other 90% to airplane320. If you would like a North Korean Food Shack in your town contact SkyjumperTalon or airplane320. Current # of locations: (48)


North Korean Food Shack was founded on September 3rd, 2017 by airplane320 on a street corner of Zerez. In just o couple months, it has expanded beyond Zerez Internationally to a major franchise located in 13+ Cities and More than 29 locations. In 2018, SkyJumperTaylon bought 10% of the franchise and can build shacks for money. Also in 2018, DPRK shack introduced different styles of stacks, but the most popular is the default one. Airplane320 also announced that a front porch area will be added to the defult version expanding from the 5 by 5 block shack only for $1 extra.

Order a Shack for your Town!

If you want to order a Custom Medium or large DPRK shack in your town put your city in the box below. If you want a defult shack, just ask airplane320 in game for one.

Username City Store Type
sesese9 Scarborough Medium Custom
pretzel33 Prismarine Large custom, small