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Town Officials
Mayor nicrats
Deputy Mayor DevyySky
MRT  C29  Northberg
( C30  Foobar)
Roadways A30 via B32
Other transit RaiLinQ
Facts and Figures
Population 5
Founded 12/07/2017
Town Rank Mayor
Official Language(s) English
World New World
Ward(s) 3

Northberg is a town on the MRT Server's New World built by nicrats. It is situated at  C29  Northberg, and is in the process of expanding to  C30  Foobar.


The Northberg town administration is divided into the following departments:

  • DoTI – Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • DOP – Department of Property
  • DoES – Department of Education and Schools
  • DUP – Department of Urban Planning
  • DET – Department of Economy and Taxes
  • DPJD – Department of Police, Justice and Defence
  • DotPSM – Department of the Parliament, State, and Mayor
  • DoHIF – Department of Health, Integration, and Family
  • DoNE – Department of Nature and Environment
  • DFA – Department of Foreign Affairs


Infrastructure (roads and rails) and public transportation in Northberg is managed by the Northberg Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DoTI).


Northberg Road Company plans, builds and maintains public roads in and around Northberg.

Roads they manage inside and outside of the Northberg metropolitan area include:

  • B32 A30-Northberg-Freedon (Part of which formerly called Northberg-Freedon Expressway/NFEx)
  • Northberg Ring roads

Public Transportation and Railways

Northberg Transit Services plans, builds, manages and maintains railways as NTSDevelopment, and drives trams and buses in Northberg as NTSTram and NTSBus respectively.

Trams and Buses

The current tram and bus routes in Northberg.

System Status
Line Type Status Comments
11 Tram Status: Service Good.png Good service All stations operational.
21 Bus Status: Service Construction.png Under construction Construction delayed due to WorldEdit limitations. No service at this moment.
21x Bus Status: Service Construction.png Under construction Construction delayed due to WorldEdit limitations. No service at this moment.


The Metro system is currently being renovated by TheSubway as it was sold to him for $2,000 on September 6th, 2018.

Property and Citizens


# Name Address Date of Establishment
1 nicrats Acacia Hills Ring 1 -
2 supermetro Acacia Road 1 26 Jun 2018

Significant projects

Ring road system

The Northberg Ring road system is a system of planned beltways around Northberg. Currently, Ring 1 is the only one being built, and is partly open in certain areas.