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Northberg Bus Terminal

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The Northberg Bus Terminal (also known as Northberg South Station, and formerly Northberg Transit Hub), is a bus terminal and warptrain station in Northberg. It is Northberg's main inter-city bus hub, and is connected to the Northberg Central Station by the Northberg transit network.

Routes and Lines

The Northberg Bus Terminal is served by the following routes and bus companies:

Bus Routes
Track Operator Route Destination(s) Status
1 Reserved for local buses. NO SERVICE
2 Not claimed AVAILABLE
3 RedLine Buses 009 Ravenna, Wythern GOOD SERVICE
4 SkyHound SEAT 04 Ravenna GOOD SERVICE
5 Network South Central Z529 Royal Ferry GOOD SERVICE
6 Prime Bus PB10 Los Angeles, Freedon GOOD SERVICE
7 Not claimed AVAILABLE
Train Lines
Track Operator Route Destination(s) Status

Claiming tracks

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