Northwestern Association of Governments

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Northwestern Association of Governments
EstablishedOctober 4, 2014
Re-EstablishedMay 31, 2016
Regional Council_frozen
Mine man
HeadquartersCorner of Morningside Ave and Kalmar St
Central City (Northwest Hub)

The Northwestern Association of Governments (NWAG) is a former metropolitan planning organization (MPO) of the Northwestern Sector of the Gamma Server. NWAG aimed to become one the largest MPO in the Gamma World, with its maximum reach spanning 100 billion square meters. As the central MPO, the Association of Governments is designed to help mayors with their city expansion, sensible highway development, ensure transit links serves all the member cities, and to research and draw up plans for new method of construction, transportation, and city growth management. After a long hiatus, NWAG was reactivated in order to take part of The Federation was established in June 2016.

The Headquarters of NWAG is located in Central City. It consists of a NWAG Parilament Room, Information booth, a conference room, and mayor's offices where mayors can build offices if desired.

The boundary of coverage by the Association of Government stretches from the northwestern boundary of Central City defined as the Central City Limits from A-55 West to A-50 North along the A-850 Ring Road, to the northwestern corner of the world. Central City, where the headquarters of NWAG is, will not be a part of the NWAG due to its unique status as a spawn city. On the Circle Line, the southernmost eligible station is C85, while the most easternmost eligible Circle Line station is C118-ZN11 Station. The Arctic and Taiga Lines are completely within the boundaries, and portions of the Expo and Zephyr Line are eligible for inclusion in the NWAG.


NWAG's policy direction is guided by the Mayor's Council, consisting of all the mayors of the city involved with the NWAG. The Mayor's Council decides on what we should do in general, and what our key goals are. Then The Mayor's Council elects 4 people to the Regional Council every month with no terms limit. The Regional Council heads specific transportation planning, ensure cities are getting equal and efficent development, and business growth are ensured inside the cities. If there are 3 consecutive months where a election was not held, the NWAG will disband and its parts returned to their respective owners, with the exception of highways, which is then placed in the ownership of the server.

A more in-depth in how the original NWAG is structured, who does what, rules, expectations, and the election procedure can be found [here.]

NWAG Member Cities

As of June 2016, these are the member cities within NWAG. These include:

City Station Mayor Town Rank Points Involved in SMP?
Whitechapel  A10   A11   A12  _frozen [Premier] 5 No
Kenthurst  XW9   XW10   XW11  Aliksong [Premier] 6 Yes
Xandar-Vekta  C85   C86  Aliksong [Senator] 5 Yes
Waterville  A21   A22   A23  PtldKnight [Mayor] 4 Yes
Armada  A25   A26 - C107   C108  Ardyle [Senator] 3 No
Vegeta 2500 blocks west of  T40  mine_man_ [Senator] 3 No
Xilia  T5   T6  Yellowitcher [Senator] 3 No
Orio  A24  Yellowitcher [Councillor] 3 Yes
Konawa  C109   C110  Soleurs [Governor] 4 No
Lanark  C111   C112  Earack [Senator] 3 No
Mons Pratus  ZN4  Skelezomperman [Mayor] 01 No
Spruce Plains  T20  shadowboarder [Mayor] 2 No
Belvadere  C116  _Dubs17 [Mayor] 2 No
West Calbar  A14  sesese9 [Senator] 5 Yes
Laclede  T11   T12   T13   T14  jphgolf4321 [Governor] 6 Yes
Ilirea  XW17   XW18   XW19  mikefishr [Senator] 5 Yes
Ezzo City  XW12   XW13  ezzocraft [Mayor] 4 Yes

For more information about the points system, please refer to the Federation MPO points system listed here.

1 The primary MPO of Mons Pratus is the Central North Association, and therefore its points count towards the CNA, not the NWAG.

Any city is welcome to join the Association of Government. In order to do so, you will need to agree to the requirement listed below, and please contact _frozen.


The Northwestern Association of Governments was formed on October 4, 2014 at the launch of the Gamma World, with the purpose of encouraging regional planning. With each new cities and transit agencies, roles and responsibilities will ensure that the Northwestern section of the Gamma World will have sensible transportation planning and vibrant cities. Because of the different needs of the various member cities, and the geographic and political differences, NWAG works collaboratively with local governments, stakeholders and partners in developing a shared regional vision and resolving regional challenges.

On June 17, a new NWAG Regional Council was elected to reflect the members' desire to participate in The Federation. Doing so required a clean wipe of previous cities listed on the NWAG roll list to ensure a new, updated list of cities are present to participate in the Federation.

Regional planning

NWAG has a vision of adding to the extensive MRT Lines in the Northwest sector with third-party lines serving individual cities with several major transit hubs. In order to achieve our goals, we have to focus on promoting cities within the region to a standard where we can be able to connect transit to each other effortlessly without rank limitations. This will be done by creating a web of work, ensuring a mayor builds inside their towns and contributing to other associate cities' builds to raise the collective profile together.

The Transportation planning will be led by the Regional Council, and determines the best placement of service, be it rail, bus, ferry, or airplane, between different towns and cities of the Association. The Regional Council will also set a plan of where highways will be going, with the goal of efficient travel from Central City to the Northwest. A plan will be announced and displayed on this website to guide a general planning idea of where rail or highways will be built along.

Current Regional Council

The current Regional Council from August 17 to September 17 consists of those mayors:

Mayor City Location
_Frozen‡ Whitechapel A11
mikefishr Ilirea XW18
Soleurs Konawa C109-C110
Mine_Man_ Vegeta 2.5k blocks West of T40

Frozen will act as a permanent RC board member for the next 3 terms. His permanent term will end on September 17, 2015.

Voting Results and Goals Set

For more details, how the question is asked, and results, please visit Voting Results.

  • June 17, 2016
    • Change to Constitution to reflect existing conditions approved.
    • Formation of a Northwestern Rail Company approved.

Eligible Towns

Boundaries of the NWAG
Boundaries of the NWAG

To be eligible to join the NWAG, there are several criteria that must be met:

  • You have to own a city within the boundaries of NWAG - being inside the red borders of the map to your left.
  • Be a councillor or above (NOTE: This requirement is now strictly enforced starting Oct. 19th 2014)
  • Be able to contribute in ways such as building in other towns, discussing plans, and being involved.
  • Be willing to agree to conditions regarding transportation planning
  • Be willing to listen to constructive criticism when it comes to city planning

At this time, there are no restriction in joining. We will also allow member cities to join any other type of MPO as long as they are willing to listen to two different pieces of advices.