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The Nutella House

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The Nutella House
Alliance of corporationHB
CEO/Founder supykun
Cabinet Administrators TBA
Headquarters hbTower, Janghwa City
Date Founded August 19, 2015
Locations 37

Nutella House is a dessert restaurant franchise operated and owned under corporationHB of supykun. The restaurant specializes in all dishes that involves or uses the ingredient of Nutella, which is a buttery chocolate paste sauce popular as a condiment. The restaurant is the first and so far the only restaurant brand under corporationHB in which is compatible with all sizes of provided plot, from a miniature stand to a megastore.

The Nutella House as a chain is also dedicated to a deceased friend of supykun's.


HanSangYoon's idea of creating a franchise based of Nutella on the MRT began at July 20, 2015 when Lalaboy randomly warped to supykun while he was constructing his city and placed a head in shape of a Nutella bottle on the floor. supykun felt the slight urge to build a store focusing on Nutella as the bottle looked cute and appeasing, but he continued to postpone the franchise as he was too busy with other franchises.

However on August 15, 2015, supykun discovered that a close friend of his who also adored and consumed Nutella as his favorite food had deceased from an accident. In a sorry and a commemorative feeling, supykun decided to open up The Nutella House in honor of this friend, and the first location was established in Utopia on August 18, 2015. He also requested Lalaboy to be the VP of the franchise, but he declined.


All Nutella Houses offers the main course of the restaurant, from the express/miniature stands and shacks to huge diners. There is a desk where you can order different variations of foods in which contains Nutella, and behind it is the kitchen.

Non-smaller stores will also provide an aisle lined up with handmade Nutella bottles that can be purchased to be eaten or cooked in homes or anywhere outside of the restaurant. Each bottles are different variations of Nutella as well, from the strawberry Nutellas to the quadruple fudge Nutellas! Yum!

Additionally, non-smaller stores will also have table and seatings provided as well. Larger stores may also have fancier decorations as well.

Store Types

The following lists describe the different variations of The Nutella House. Depending on the provided plot size the variation is decided, but because supykun himself decides on which variations can work, no size requirement description is provided on the list.

Also, if supykun figures that your budget is too low or difficult for purchase, he may offer a price cut (discount). How generous of him

The Nutella Stand


The smallest available store, The Nutella Stand is a stand that sells limited amounts of Nutella foods, but doesn't provide table seatings or Nutella aisles. There may or may not be a building infrastructure as wagons or tents can also exist as stands.

The Nutella Shack

Cost: $20

The Nutella Shack is most likely to have a building infrastructure around it as they provide limited amounts of Nutella Aisles along with the food ordering section. However, tables and seatings are most likely not to be provided, and may also be in a food truck as well instead of an actual building.

The Nutella House

Cost: $30

The classical selection out of the four options, The Nutella House is the smallest store variation that has all the options of the Nutella House franchise: food ordering section, tables and seatings, and Nutella aisles. All stores are indoors and well structured (except when outdoor themes are purposely made).

The Nutella Diner


The biggest store provided in the franchise, The Nutella Diner is a megastore-equivalent that has all the requirements of a Nutella Store, except that it has more design and decorations installed onto the restaurant such as diner tables and water fountains. The size is much bigger as well.

All four models can be placed in malls or any already-made infrastructures (ex. old buildings) as well. But once again, the model depends on the size of the plot provided, so be aware!