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Clockwise from top: Nuuk as seen from above Riverside Avenue in February 2023, Nuuk Supreme Court, The MRT Plains Line in Valleytown, Downtown skyline as seen from the west, Nuuk Seaport
Flag of Nuuk.png
Flag of Nuuk
Deputy MayorAthena33
Town recognition
Date foundedNovember 20, 2020
Date recognized as CouncillorFebruary 3, 2021
Date recognized as MayorJune 4, 2022
Date recognized as SenatorJuly 20, 2022
Date recognized as GovernorNovember 25, 2022
Date recognized as PremierOctober 8, 2023
Town hall coordinates19349, 64, 8043
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 3
Ward 4
MRT P59  Nuuk - Alaska
Road connectionsB33
Air facilitiesNuuk-Watford Regional Airport
Nuuk Spruce Field Heliport
Nuuk Seaport
Bus facilitiesSnowden Bus Bay
Rail facilitiesNuuk Station (BluRail)
Local transitCubeTram
Political affiliations
MPO(s)Greater East Plains
Motto"It did not go boom"

Nuuk is a Premier city founded and owned by Zuoj, located at P59 on the MRT Plains Line. Nuuk is the capital and largest city in Greenland, Kanata, and plans out local projects with the Greater East Plains.

Nuuk was founded in late 2020 along the B33 and was later promoted to Premier on October 8, 2023.

History and development

Early foundations (2020–2021)

Councillor-ranked Nuuk in March 2021

When Zuoj was a guest, he looked for a place to build a town and a headquarters for his future business. When he got accepted as a member, he chose to build along the B33 as, two people he knew, pretzel33 and Freskooo, both made towns nearby: Prismarine and Caravaca. Zuoj named the town after the capital of Greenland as its landscape matches the biome of the town. When beginning to construct Nuuk, Zuoj had the goal of making Nuuk a colorful, quaint town in a pine forest.

In early 2021, Nuuk was promoted to Councillor. Shortly after the promotion, Zuoj went on hiatus due to a lack of motivation and personal reasons. Shortly following the beginning of Zuoj's hiatus, Kirdéliner expanded lines into Nuuk and Caravaca. Skelezomperman also expanded the MRT Plains Line east, creating P59 Station at Nuuk.

Continued development (2022)

Six months later, in 2022, when Zuoj returned, he then quickly expanded Nuuk, leading Nuuk to be promoted to Mayor. Zuoj continued construction by creating the Rainbow Market and a circle-shaped tram line for the city. To get to Senator, Zuoj's initial goal was to double the city; however, he instead spent more time detailing and perfecting buildings rather than quickly constructing more. Nuuk University was established and became the first diagonal building in Nuuk. Nuuk was submitted for Senator and was promoted on July 20, 2022.

Nuuk was invited to the Greater East Plains Metropolitan Planning Organization and left the Federated States of the New World in favor of Kanata.

Senator Era (2022)

After Nuuk was promoted to Senator, progress on the main city slowed down as he began to focus on his new town of Peach Bay; however, during this period, Nuuk-Watford Regional Airport was built on the outskirts of town to also serve Watford. Nuuk became a stop on the BluRail 23 and united with the nearby town of Elizabethton to form the state of Greenland, which Nuuk became the capital of.

After achieving the rank of Mayor for Peach Bay, Zuoj started to rebuild and demolish many of the buildings in the downtown area of Nuuk in favor of taller towers. Five buildings were demolished and replaced and nearly every building downtown was remodeled, due to staff feedback in his Senator bid.

The Greater East Plains wanted a Governor city in their organization to create a joint airport that could be called the Greater East Plains International Airport, which led to Zuoj being more interested in constructing more buildings in Nuuk. After the addition of several more buildings, Nuuk was submitted for Governor on November 11, 2022. On November 25, 2022, Nuuk was promoted to Governor by a 3-2 vote.

Governor development (2022–2023)

A section of the Nuuk Riverside neighborhood in 2023

Following the promotion to Governor, Zuoj began fixing several terraforming issues due to staff feedback in his Governor bid. In December, Nuuk was given a festive makeover. Snow covered the streets of Nuuk and ornaments were placed on the trees. This festive look was eventually removed from the city in January of 2023. Progress on the city slowed once again as Zuoj withdrew Nuuk from the Greater East Plains International Airport and started to focus on other projects.

Development in Nuuk between January 2023 and June 2023 was slow but saw considerable progress on the Nuuk skyline and details surrounding the city. Buildings were remodeled and changed to be more modern and the town hall was upgraded to feature a large observation deck. This new landmark towered over the rest of the city to become the new tallest building, surpassing the Riverside Clocktower in height. Along with changes to the skyline, Nuuk expanded quickly to the south and Zuoj built the new colorful neighborhood of Alaska. Multiple small lakes south of Nuuk were also merged to create a larger body of water, known today as Lake Greenland.

Shortly after the development was completed, Zuoj went on another hiatus due to personal reasons. In July 2023, Nuuk was visited in the final leg of The Amazing Race 13, featuring the season's the final Roadblock.

New motivation and Nuuk Seaport (2023)

In early August 2023, Zuoj gained enough motivation to rejoin the server and used his summer vacation free time to work on Nuuk. Between August and September 2023, multiple new buildings were constructed every day. During this time, Zuoj notably worked with several people to help expand Nuuk in preparation for his Premier city bid. Some of the builds built during this time were built by ReallyTuck, the most notable being Nuuk Seaport, which was finished and opened on September 16, 2023.

Community projects and Premier (2023–present)

Nuuk downtown and plane as seen from the south in October 2023

Nuuk was submitted for Premier on September 8, 2023, by Zuoj as a way to set a deadline for himself. His new final goal for the town was to achieve the final city rank of Premier. Between September 8, 2023, and the October GSM, Nuuk grew quickly as multiple people were working on projects before the review day. Many new downtown buildings were made, including the Nuuk Supreme Court, the Greenland Parliament Building, and Oppenheimer High School.

Several members on the Nuuk Plane during the October GSM, shortly after the town's promotion to Premier

The Nuuk Metro was a collaborative project that used large amounts of MRT currency to motivate workers. The planning process started when StevenSmh was bored and offered to construct a metro for the town. Zuoj agreed with StevenSmh's plan and helped recruit workers through Discord. The Nuuk Metro had over 10 different people who helped build tracks and stations. Zuoj allowed builders to freely build the tracks and stations in their building style, making each line in the metro unique.

Although the Nuuk Metro never officially opened, the last planned station was finished on October 6, 2023, with the entire system taking only a few weeks to be constructed. A map of all Nuuk city transport was created by arbirchy to celebrate the opening of the metro. The day before the GSM, Zuoj pasted a plane created by Tonster__ over the city. A table was built on the plane as an area for the community to gather during the GSM. The table was later removed, but the plane was kept for history. At the October 2023 GSM, Nuuk was promoted to Premier by a 7-0 vote.


Nuuk is located in the east southeastern portion of the Zeta region of the New World. Nuuk is located in Wards 3 and 4. Nuuk is located in a taiga forest, adjacent to plains and mega taiga biomes.

Major nearby towns to Nuuk include Prismarine to the east, Watford to the west, and Parkland to the northwest.


The Riverside Clocktower

Attractions and landmarks in the city include the Riverside Clocktower, the city sign, and Founding Park. Riverside Clocktower is a clocktower located in the eastern portion of the city adjacent to a river and is the second tallest building in the city. The city sign is located at the top of Nuclear Peak, looking out towards the city. Founding Park is one of the oldest attractions in Nuuk, containing the first block and sign placed in the city.

The top of the Nuuk Town Hall formerly featured a small circular ice boating rink.



Nuuk-Watford Regional Airport is an airfield serving Watford and Nuuk in the Greater East Plains region. The airport has eight plane flights and three helicopter flights. The airport has a taxi service that is next to the visitor center.

The Nuuk Spruce Field Heliport is the main heliport in Nuuk and is currently only served by Air Kanata with a flight to Halifax Capitol Hill Heliport.

Nuuk Seaport is a seaport located in southern Nuuk. It currently has eight gates and four flights, and is connected to Nuuk-Watford via the metro red line.

Rail and Metro

Map of Nuuk Metro and all city tram services
The CubeTram at Nuuk River Station

Nuuk has a tram system with two lines. The system is operated by ZRail, which owns all railway infrastructure in Nuuk. The tram system features the CubeTram, which has been self-described by Zuoj as a "compact box on wheels". The system currently has seven stops, but is planned to have ten stops and connect tourist destinations, including Nuuk Spruce Field Heliport.

Shizuike Heavy Industries's Streetcar Zero on Spruce Street

Nuuk has a separate tram system that operates along Spruce Street. The tram system currently has five stops, and runs in a straight line. The tram model used in the system was constructed by Shizuike Heavy Industries.

The Nuuk Metro is a small metro system which uses minecarts and is TrainCart compatible. The metro has a total of three lines and 19 unique stations, and is one of the most efficient transportation methods in Nuuk. It shares many stations with the CubeTram and connects together all city attractions and the nearby town of Elizabethton. The metro was constructed by 11 different members, who are all listed in the mezzanine at Nuuk Central Station.

Nuuk is served by the MRT Plains Line at P59 Station. Nuuk is currently served by BluRail's 23.


Nuuk is home to the Snowden Bus Bay. Nuuk is served by several bus companies such as EcoBus, Caravacan Caravan Company, Kirdéliner, and more. The current Kirdéliner route that serves Nuuk starts in Hendon and terminates in Caravaca.

Radio and television

Nuuk has a role-play radio broadcasting service under the call sign NUUK-AM and a television service under the call sign NUUK-DT. Both are a part of GEP Broadcasting and broadcast local news about the city.