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Mojanger National Party founded

By Jopert van Hoog

A political party within the People's Republic of Montego government has been founded by former Mojang Union and Deadbush parliament members, advocates, and celebrities. Named the Mojanger National Party, this party aims to preserve and protect Mojanger culture and interests and make the PRM's Resolution 66, an act that, in a general sense, preserves all things Mojanger-related, a reality.

Twelve individuals, some young, some old, form this newly found party. MojangChan, the former prime minister of the Mojang Union, Johannes Johnston, an advocate for Testificate rights and empowerment, Eustace Bagge, former Deadbush secretary of the Municipal Infrastructure Agency, Mojjy, former first lady of the Mojang Union, Hikigaya Hachiman, a renowned Mojang Union politician who helped form diplomacy with the former Kaktus Republic,The Lorax, former secretary of the Municipal Environment Agency, Princess Tutu, a renowned human rights activist, PW Botha, former secretary of the Municipal Defense Agency, Bong Revilla, stealing people's taxes as always, Andy the Admiral, former general of the Mojang Union army, George Bush, a popular actor in the local cinematic company "Bushwood", and Pablo, another popular actor of the same cinematic company.

These twelve individuals, interviewed by our very own Jopert van Hoog, feel confident that in whatever they do, they will make sure that the Mojanger culture, identity, and interests will be protected and preserved at all costs.