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Nyan Enterprise Party

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National Enterprise Party
Leaders kiwirainbow

The Nyan Enterprise Party, or NEP, was a political party on the server designed to promote a new world order and crush all opposition bring together players who share the same ideology. It was founded by kiwirainbow and KittyCat11231 on December 16th, 2015. The party officially dissolved on April 16th, 2017.


The NEP believes in limited interference between the server and/or official and unofficial organizations with the activities of players, cities, and businesses, unless they negatively impact other players. The party supports limited regulation on the development of towns and cities, and opposes censorship of players and organizations. Within the League of Cities, the party acts to promote its platform, nominating candidates for officer positions. The party also supports petitioning the MRT staff if a rule change is deemed necessary.

We are basically libertarian.

March 2016


Candidate Previous Positions Position Desired Date Announced
KittyCat11231 Secretariat
  • President of the City-State of Kitania
  • Head of League of Cities Intelligence Agency
  • League of Cities Deputy Secretariat
  • Co-Chariman of N.E.P
December 29th, 2015
Kiwirainbow Chief Justice
  • Co-CEO of GeorgiaHoldings
  • Vice President of Steno Holdings
  • Mayor of Mason City
  • Co-Chariman of N.E.P
December 31st, 2015

Candidate Summaries


I would lead the League of Cities in the right direction, something I already do as Deputy Secretariat. It was I who introduced the resolutions process, as well as I who introduced many of the resolutions passed by the LoC. I also encouraged the LoC to change to a more democratic system, instead of having camelfantasy appoint positions, which is why we are having this election in the first place. As Secretariat, I will continue these accomplishments.

One mistake I think that has been done by the current Secretariat _hnt, as well as camelfantasy, is waste over $500 on a complex we didn't need, then expect the members of the League of Cities to pay for it, even though they did not agree to the new complex in the first place. As Secretariat, I will make sure that any large expenses of the League of Cities are voted upon by resolution.

Another thing, wars and roleplay. While I am against the OPEC belief that war should be banned by rule, I do not think the League of Cities should be wasting it's time focusing on it. I think the LoC should be spending more time on serious issues, like cooperation between cities, building transportation infrastructure, and other things for the benefit of everyone. And yes, roleplay is fun. As Secretariat, I would not get rid of roleplay, but it would not have a high priority within the League of Cities.

As the person who has had an actual impact on the League of Cities, vote for me, KittyCat11231.


Kiwirainbow is thrilled to be running for the 2016 League of City elections. He bases his platform in promoting justice for all while limiting the amount of power League of Cities has over individual cities. This comes from the fact that each city should have their own rights and that their operations should not be restricted by any sort of governing body. At the same time, he believes that a court system should be put in place that disciplines any League of City member who violates a rule or legislation. The idea that League of Cities is a community is extremely important. Anybody who violates the trust of the community should face consequences. Kiwirainbow believes you should elect him as Chief Justice of League of Cities because he knows what it is like to be a member on the MRT. From his experience on the server, he has gotten to know many interesting and unique members, and hopes to apply this when you elect him as Chief Justice.

Deadline to run is December 31st, 2015 at 11:59pm EST.