Nymphic Union

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Nymphic Union
Nymphalia World Crossroads.png
Nymphalia, the capital of the Nymphic Union
CapitalCetisy, Nymphalia
Largest CityStellia
Freedon (counting partial members)
Demonym/sNymphian (n)
Nymphic (adj)
CurrencyMRT Dollar ($)
Council HeadMelecie
Deputy of NymphaliaFrosty_Creeper10
Advisor for NymphaliaKel5
Deputy of GemstrideMojang1014
Deputy of SavacaciSeastep
Deputy of ThegameVulpicula
Deputy of LumiaMC_Protocol
Deputy of HazenneModernArt
Deputy of Sylffefrogggggg
Deputy of PlainsleyCyAmethyst
Mayor of AviationSeastep
Mayor of FreedonSoSo123
Advisor for Freedoncamelfantasy

The Nymphic Union, colloquialy known as Nymphia, is a union of towns and cities in the New World governed by Melecie. Its capital is Cetisy, located in Nymphalia.

The Nymphic Union is notable for being one of the larger governments in the server with more than one town, along with the City-State of Kitania and the Region of Lumeva. Relations with other towns and states is largely positive, being a key trading partner of numerous towns. It is also known for its history and culture, as well as arts and architecture.


The Nymphic Union was founded on 2018 to manage Melecie (then SoaPuffball)'s assets. The founding members included Savacaci, Frosty Rivers, Nymphalia, and Viyaxayiv. All four members were depicted on the flag with the colors orange, light blue, pink, and yellow respectively. It also retroactively included Southern Fhaye Islands, a former town.

Viyaxayiv was annexed by Ilirea and incorporated into the Stapleton district in September of 2018. At the same month, Gemstride joined the Union as a new town. In 2019, it later became the first town to achieve [Senator], building the Gemstride Melodia Airfield and finishing formal development on the town.

Starting 2020, a number of new towns joined the Union. In 2020, Faelie, Florelle, and Thegame were built, with Faelie later being annexed by Bahia and Florelle being abandoned. This was followed by Lumia in the next year and Hazenne and Sylffe in 2022, all of which still remain in the Union. Nymphalia also gained the rank of [Senator] in 2021, as well as constructing various infrastructure projects such as Windus Aura Airfield and the A255. Aviation, Creeperville, Freedon, Woodford, and Redbridge also gained partial membership while being mayored by Melecie.

Provinces and regions

The Nymphic Union is divided into provinces, with some being divided further into subregions. Most provinces are of full member status, however some (including Aviation and Freedon) are only at a partial membership status and have partial autonomy outside of the Nymphic Union government. Four of the recognized provinces in the Union are a part of the city of Nymphalia, however are recognized as separate towns in the Union.

Name Biome/s Pop.
Cetisy (CS)
West Cetisy Plains
Old Town Plains
Stellia (ST)
Culture Center Birch Forest
Downtown Birch Forest
Little Fhaye Birch Forest
Serene Lake Birch Forest
Syricia (SY)
Syrician Suburbs Plains
Windus (WD)
Aura Birch Forest
Iceflake Mountains
Highpeaks Mountains
Frosty Rivers (FR)
City Hall Park Mountains
Downtown Mountains
New Town Mountains
Gemstride (GS)
Aria's Edge Mesa
Eleria Mesa
Irida Mesa
Lirella Mesa, Desert
Melodia & Flaria Desert, Savanna
Hazenne (HZ)
Hazenne Tundra
Lumia (LU)
Lumia Village Meadows
Plainsley and Stellaine (PS)
Plainsley Plains
Stellaine Beach
Savacaci (SV)
Midtown Savanna
Southern Savacaci Savanna
Sylffe (SY)
Nimme Village Stony shores
Tess Village Stony shores
Thegame (TG)
Island Town of Thegame Mountains
Special Region of Aviation (SRA)
Aviation Forest
Special Region of Blackheart (SRB)
Blackheart Village Forest
Special Region of Freedon and Suburbs (SRF)
Bilbec Plains
Central Freedon Plains
Edo Swamps
Northern & Silverwood Plains
Phos City Mountains
Special Region of Woodford (SRW)
Woodford Forest

Former regions

The Nymphic Union had plenty of provinces, most of them tiny settlements, during its peak, however time had worn down some of them and they have disappeared or were annexed by another state. Here is a list of all known former settlements.

  • Faelie was a town in Lake Thanos near present-day Sunshine Coast. It was later annexed by Bahia and integrated into its government under the province of Parrigo.
  • Florelle was an island town in the Autumnal Sea nearby Monte Isola and Weston.
  • Frost Valley was a small settlement in the northern half of the world in present-day Winterside.
  • Melecie Bay was a settlement in an unknown continent far from Zeta, which was near the Bahian-related town of Bernie Sanderston.
  • The Southern Fhaye Islands was a town near Lumeva and Plainsley.
  • Starlit Bay was located below Deadbush in present-day Weezerville, which was later annexed by it.
  • Viyaxayiv was a settlement in the western desert near Ilirea, which annexed it. It is in the present-day location of Stapleton.


Little Nymphalia in Shenghua.

The Nymphic culture is iconic for being friendly and helpful to tourists. Many Nymphians welcome tourists like they would a citizen, and discrimination is rare whether by sex, race, or religion. This open society is what caused for the Nymphians to be a trading partner of many towns, states, and countries, such as Monte Isola, the Republic of Northern Peninsula, and Mojangstaat.

The Nymphic people may have originated from various travelers in the past who have sailed and travelled into the current towns of Cetisy and Vishaus. These travelers have also been hypothesized to be the birthplace of many other people, like the Bahians and Lanatamese. Nymphic culture later evolved into being one of the most recognizable, with their arts, music, and poetry becoming known worldwide. Some Nymphians outside the Union have brought cultural markers and monuments onto their current homes, the most notable of which being Shenghua's Little Nymphalia mall.

One notable interest in the Nymphic culture is tea and coffee. This started to grow in Gemstride after the War of Nymphalia, then spread to Nymphalia itself and grew into a major industry in the Union. One of the oldest cafes in Gemstride, Miss Marie's Lakeside Cafe, gets upwards of a thousand visitors a month. This also birthed one of the Nymphic Union's most recognizable franchises, Comet Cafe, which takes a part of Nymphic culture and architecture and makes it a "piece of Gemstride".

Nymphians have a wide array of franchises, well known inside and outside of the Union. For a full list of them, see List of Nymphic businesses and franchises.


A house in Gemstride.

Nymphic architecture is known for heavily varying from location to location while keeping its most recognizable features intact. The "three block-and-pillar" method is seen often in Nymphic towns, and many Nymphic buildings are also tiny and well-kept. Building materials vary, Windus and Syricia both use gray and white concrete heavily while builds in Gemstride prefer bone blocks and birch and Thegame uses spruce and dark oak.

Another recognizable feature of many Nymphic buildings are the heavy use of glass in windows, skylights, and occasionally floors. Some buildings instead use leaf carpets for ceilings, however it is more common to see it mixed in with glass.

Houses are furnished minimally with attention focused on using much of the space in the house for a practical use. Most houses usually feature a kitchen, a bedroom with a bunk bed, a tiny living room with a small dining set, and a bathroom. Due to the minimal space required to build a house, many houses are built, which in turn lets more residents live in Nymphic towns.

Nymphic architecture is also detailed due to its small size, with many spaces being used in order to fill up a small part of the design. Buttons, walls, and trapdoors are often used due to their small size. Buildings are often lit up mostly using lanterns and end rods, due to their small and comfortable size.

Flora and fauna

While the Nymphic Union doesn't boast a very diverse wildlife, there are still many places in the town that features animals. Most notably, the Wildlife Rescue Center in Savacaci and the Endangered Brown Mooshroom Exhibit and Farm in Windus are known and visited by a lot of people.

Nymphic towns often contain flower fields and parks filled with various flowers, most often the allium, tulip, azure bluet, lily of the valley, and lilac flowers. These flower fields are scattered all over towns, and are most often seen in Gemstride's parks and along roads. Many Nymphic towns also have the windus spruce and iceflake pine, both trees originating from the cold climate of Windus. Windus spruce trees are a lot smaller and more compact than regular spruce, helping them fit them in between and around buildings. The iceflake pine is a decorational thin tree with a snowy white top, which are often used to decorate buildings, usually in a metal or wooden pot.


   Nymphic (65%)
   Mojanger (8%)
   Storalian (6%)
   Bahian (4%)
   Peninsular (4%)
   Norwestian (3%)
   Lumevan (2%)
   Other (7%)

The Nymphic Union is composed of 65% Nymphic citizens, with 8% being Mojangers, 6% being Storalians, 4% being Bahians, another 4% being Peninsulars, 3% being Norwestians, 2% being Lumevan, and the last 7% being made up of other nationalities. Most of these come from close ties between the involved cities and states, with Storalians and Mojangers making up more than others due to their long history together. Most of the Mojangers coming in to the Nymphic Union are in Gemstride due to their proximity, while most others are located in Nymphalia proper.

In contrast, about 80% of people in smaller towns are of Nymphic descent, with 7% Norwestian, 5% Mojanger, 4% Lumevan, 2% Storalian, and 2% other nationalities. This can be attributed to the lack of tourism to these towns, with the higher amount of Norwestians due to the fact that both Woodford and Redbridge were originally Norwestian towns.


By road, many towns have a road connection. The towns making up Nymphalia are connected through the A255 via Zimbobwican Padagonia, Savacaci through the A780, Gemstride through direct road connections from the neighboring towns of Deadbush and Kota Lembah, Lumia through Bawktown, and Hazenne through the A68 and B682. Various bus companies serve Nymphic towns, such as mylesBuses serving most of them and Seabeast Buses serving Stellia.

Through rail, Cetisy, Stellia, and Windus all have stations in the MRT Northern Line and Eastern Line. Savacaci also has a station in the Expo Line. Warp rail also connects various towns in the Union, such as IntraRail and MCR connecting Savacaci, Stellia, Cetisy, and Lumia; RaiLinQ serving Savacaci, Stellia, and Syricia; and NewRail FLR serving Gemstride, Plainsley, and Hazenne.

Two towns in the Nymphic Union are also connected by water, with both Thegame and Sylffe has a port as its main entry point.

Due to the small nature of Nymphic towns, there are only two planned airfields, namely Gemstride Melodia Airfield and Windus Aura Airfield. However, many towns instead have a small heliport, like Nymphalia Florum, Thegame Ujaslos, and Gemstride Aria's Peak.