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Oncco logo transparent.png
ONCCO logo
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Former ONCCO Heliport Ground Handling and Services Vehicles at the Central City Heliport, removed in December 2022
Founded8 October 2020
HeadquartersCentral City Heliport, Central City
Area served7 cities

Oncorium Nationalibus Consociatio Caeli Onerariis (English: Oncorium National Air Transport Association), abbreviated as ONCCO (stylised in all lowercase), is a transportation company providing airport service and specializing in aircraft ground handling, in-flight catering, air facility disaster mitigation, cargo, and logistics. Despite the consortium having no presence in any air facilities when it was established due to the lack of air facilities, it had made Central City Heliport a temporary headquarters for operations to demonstrate a proof-of-concept that airport ground vehicles can complement the design and operations of an airport within MRT.

On October 8, 2020, Metromap_svg, executive director of the consortium, publicly announced that ONCCO would be taking public orders from airport operators and airlines interested in its services and vehicles, with three vehicles of any kind given for free to any first-time buyers.


ONCCO was initially established when it had secured the contract to provide ground handling and aviation services for Central City Heliport in early 2020, it operated under the "Central City Heliport Ground Services" branding and the partnership evolved into a consortium.

On October 8, 2020, ONCCO and Creeperville International Airport had engaged in a Memorandum of Understanding for the delivery of three vehicles and the establishment of Haneda Airport Ground Services to operate and manage airport ground handling along with the additional option for the delivery of extra vehicles. This marks the second air facility serviced by ONCCO after Central City Heliport.

On October 11, 2020, ONCCO and Carnoustie International Airport entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for the delivery of three vehicles along with the additional option for the delivery of extra vehicles. It also includes the ability for ONCCO to operate the airport ground handling services directly. Previously, ONCCO had established subsidiaries to operate ground services in different air facilities, including Central City Heliport and Creeperville International Airport.

Screen capture of the Memorandum of Agreement between ONCCO and UAC on November 21, 2020

On November 21, 2020, ONCCO and Ukubhabha Airports Company entered into a strategic partnership for allowing ONCCO to provide ground handling and consulting services to all UAC-managed airports.

On December 23, 2022, ONCCO's services were removed from the Central City Heliport.


Within ONCCO, there are initially three divisions.

  • Ground handling - The ground handling division of ONCCO, its core business, engages in joint ventures with airports to operate Ground Services. These include Central City Heliport and Creeperville International Airport. There are plans to expand to include airport passenger transportation within the division, but nothing has been finalised as of November 2020.
  • Fleet management - ONCCO provides services for vehicle fleets across airports operated by ONCCO.
The logo of ONCCO Catering
  • Flight catering - The flight catering division was formed to provide catering to airlines.
  • Advisory and consultancy - ONCCO provides consultancy services to airport and airline operators for identifying the needs to meet service capability within the aspects of ONCCO's portfolio such as logistics, catering, and disaster mitigation.
  • Disaster mitigation - ONCCO's disaster mitigation collaborates with airports to provide front and back-end management solutions, which include fleet management, airport operations, and disaster alerts.


As of December 2022, ONCCO serves seven air facilities. It formerly served the Central City Heliport with ground handling, fleet management, and flight catering until December 2022.

City Location Service Provided
Creeperville Creeperville International Airport Ground handling, Fleet management, Flight catering
Carnoustie Carnoustie International Airport
Peacopolis Peacopolis International Airport Consultancy
Southoak Southoak South Plains Airport
Shenghua Shenghua Airfield Consultancy
Kazeshima Kazeshima Eumi Konaejima Airport Consultancy
Wenyanga Wenyanga Sunset Bay Airfield Consultancy