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OTA Subway

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Alert.png The Green Line isn't open yet. Please do not enter the system at White Hart Lane until further notice

The OTA Subway is a subway system that serves Oakburgh. It was built when mdbro55, the mayor of Oakburgh decided that the OTA Metro was outdated, so he built a new system. Its symbol is the roundel Underground.png

The System Map

Blue Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png B1 Xilia (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png B2 South Side
Dynmap Green Flag.png B3 Park/T4  T4   Green Line 
Dynmap Green Flag.png B4 Liberty Tower
Dynmap Green Flag.png B4 MLSC/RaiLinQ

Green Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png G1 Theatre (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png G2 Park/T4  T4   Blue Line 
Dynmap Construction.png G3 White Hart Lane (under construction)
Dynmap Pin.png G4 East Oakburgh (planned)  T3