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Original Oakley.png
Oakley in 2015
Deputy Mayordecorminecraft
Town recognition
Date foundedNovember 2014
Town hall coordinates448, 63, 2396
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 5
MRT F5 - I5  Oakley Euston
Phone code(s)520

Oakley is a city on the new world located at F5-I5 MRT station. It is currently a district of Royal Ferry. The mayor is MIKE24DUDE. The deputy mayor was decorminecraft.


This is from the founder's perspective. In August of 2014, I joined the MRT server about once and looked around. At the time being an unexperienced builder and feeling daunted by a member application, I took a break from all of Minecraft. Fast Forward to November 2014, where I had just heard about the opening of Gamma through Frumple's YouTube channel. Excitedly, I rejoined the server. Upon joining, many gave me a warm welcome back to the server, and ended up looking around Nippia and following Techie around while he was working on Caelus (WorldJet at the time). After seeing this and the success of people on the server, I jumbled down a member application that was a mess. On my 2nd try for member, computerghost accepted me to the server! I instantly started a town, and that would be Oakley!

With world class shopping, beautiful architecture, lots of parks, and good people, Oakley is the place to be!


In Downtown, you will find large buildings mainly holding offices and apartments, reflecting the beautiful skyline one can see throughout nearly the entire city. Some notable projects are:

  • Oakley Terrace, the first building made. Not very detailed or nice looking, but is special because of its history and how it started the downtown district at Tyler Avenue and 1st Street
  • Forrest Towers, currently under remodeling, but was the first office tower in Oakley.
  • Punta Verde, the MBS 420 News broadcasting complex. In construction, but when finished will the the tallest current building in the city.

In the bustling City-West district, There is shopping and things to do galore! Just about all of the shops are in this district, with civic centres, townhouses, and more! Notable projects are:

  • Galleria Oakley, the small shopping center in Oakley.
  • City-West Civic Centre, holding EAST offices, a library, and a conference room for city officials.
  • Flavio Claruette, which will be a large apartment block in the City-West district once finished.
  • Anaconda Bus Depot, the city's bus station.

The Acacia District is the resedential area of Oakley. It holds some large shops and small businesses below tiny apartments, yet otherwise is mainly just houses. One interesting thing to spot while in the Acacia District is 69 Sharkeisha Circle, a house appropriately owned by Music3_0.


Oakley's main transport operator is the Oakley Rapid Transit Authority (ORTA). ORTA is a service of the Oakley Metropolitan Government. The system operates Buses, Light Rail (LRT), and Streetcars in the Greater Oakley Area.

Bus: 1- Anaconda-MRT connector (connects bus depot and F5/I5 station)

Streetcar: A- Small 3/4 circle running from Tyler Avenue and Acacia Boulevard to Pickering Road and Tyler Avenue, via Acacia Boulevard and Forest Belt Drive.


Avalon- Underground LRT service that runs under Tyler Avenue from the Civic Centre/Galleria Oakley to Acacia Blvd and Tyler Ave via City Hall and Central-MRT.

Citadel- Planned LRT Service operating in City-West. Goes overground, street level, and underground.

Meridian-Planned LRT Service operating in the Acacia/Downtown districts, serving locally in resedential areas then continuing as express service to Downtown. Above and underground.

Titus-Planned Express LRT services to expedite commutes during rush hour in Oakley's most populated areas, connecting them all rapidly and in unity.

Non-ORTA Transport

The Thunderbird Transit Commission, or TTC, operates buses going to towns and cities outside of Oakley. There is currently one operational TTC route serviced by Oakley: