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Ocean Suburb International Airport

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Gate Allocation

Here is the gate allocations for Ocean Suburb International Airport*

Concourse A

Concourse B

Concourse C

[*] These are subject to change at short notice. If you applied and you didn't get a gate then contact me (Technological99) and I will see what I can do!







Ask For a Gate

L = Large gate (42long/41wide) - S = Small gate (14long/15long)

Airline Destination Gate Type Player
AirLinQ Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre L autobus22
Derpy Air Espil Ecilidae L Derpy_Melon
Expect In Benion S Ben6331
FreeAir Espil Ecilidae Airport L soso123
FreeAir Kolpino City L soso123
ikeda Akane-Ishuzu International Airport, MRT International Airport Either, preferably L JohnNotTech
ikeda Western Ocean International Airport Either, preferably L JohnNotTech
IntraAir Cyra & Brooklyn (single plane) L KittyCat11231
Viaggio Omerah International Airport L hnt OR kiwirainbow