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FederatedStates.png This town is part of the F.S.
The downtown section of Oceanside.
Oceanside Flag.png
Flag of Oceanside
Town officials
Mayor EtihadMan
Deputy Mayor None yet
Caretaker PaintedBlue
MRT None yet
Metro/Subway Oceanside Metro (planned)
Bus OMTS Busses (planned)
Roadway(s) None yet
Airport(s) Peacopolis International Airport, Oceanside Joseph Mamatta Airfield (planned)
Rail None yet
Other transit NewRail FLR
Facts and figures
Population more than 1
Town hall coordinates -3536 84 25855
Founded June 6th 2020
Recognized as town July 21st 2020
Town rank [Councillor]
State State of Meridia
Official language(s) English
World New World
Post codes None yet
MPO Federated States of the New World
Ward(s) 5
City Phone Code None yet

Oceanside is a councillor ranked town in Ward 5 owned by EtihadMan. It is one of the founding cities of the state of Meridia. Currently, PaintedBlue is the town's caretaker during EtihadMan's absence.