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OneMRT Alliance
OneMRT Logo.png
OneMRT's Logo
Facts and Figures
Founded9 November 2014
Disbanded21 February 2015
Member airlinesCaelus, Air Peach, RedPeach, IntraAir, IntraAir Boutique, IntraAir Smart, Ender Wing
StaffTechnologyPro, Kiwirainbow, Bestmate66, hntredtie, KittyCat11231, MajorMagpie
Hub airportsWestern Ocean International Airport, MRT Int'l Airport, Andromeda Int'l Airport, Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport, Kitania Municipal Airport

OneMRT was a major airline alliance of the server's major airlines, founded on November 9, 2014. The full member airlines of the alliance at the time of disbanding were Caelus, IntraAir, Eastern Airways, and Air Peach. RedPeach was, however, an affiliate member under Air Peach, with IntraAir Boutique and IntraAir Smart both being affiliate members under IntraAir; Ender Wing was also an affiliate member under Caelus.

The alliance was disbanded on February 22, 2015.

The rest of this page is for reference and historical purposes only.

Enjoy our premium airlines, airport facilities including lounges, and cross-server connections, allowing you to travel to almost anywhere on the MRT server.

Passenger Benefits

Fantastic airports

Our passenger care extends far beyond the plane; benefit from a variety of OneMRT passenger perks, including discounted tickets and connections, access to OneMRT lounges, discounted airport hotel rates; all helping you on your way to the perfect air travel journey.

Join Us!

We are now accepting applications to the OneMRT alliance, please read all the rules while applying. Apply Here!

Our Members

CaelusLogo-BoW.png AirPeachLogo.png IntraAirLogoRevised.png

Operated by Soleurs and TechnologyPro, Caelus Airlines is a premier airline based in MRT Int'l Airport, from where connections are available across the server and further afield. Part of Pinnacle Corporation, the airline has an outstanding record across its 20 served airports, and is known by customers for its strict attention to detail in customer service and the underlying atmosphere of professionalism and comfort.

Fantastic service

Caelus currently operates service between MRT Int'l Airport and other old world airports to a range of destinations across the MRT server and abroad.

Operated by Kiwirainbow and Bestmate66, Air Peach is a friendly, personalised airline based out of Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport with flights available in the present and planning for huge expansion in the future. The airline is known for its homely, timeless atmosphere in a unique flying experience that transports you back to the magic of flying as it originally was; the very essence of southern style.

Fantastic airlines

Fly in comfort with Air Peach between Andromeda Int'l Airport and Miningstone Regional Airport, with more destinations soon on their way.

The southern-most addition to our alliance, IntraAir is an airline based in Kitania Regional Airport, serving a variety of destinations terminating there and at alternative destinations. IntraAir offers a range of class opportunities, including basic Economy Class, with decent legroom and TVs on every seatback, award winning Business Class, with seats backed and separated with chiseled sandstone, double the legroom, and wider TVs, private Executive Class, featuring your own private cabin with a widescreen TV, bed, and lavatory, and the exclusive, luxurious, award winning Emperor Class, comprising of the upper cabin of select aircraft, offering you the private experience of a hotel suite. Proudly flying both long- and short-haul, the airline is owned by Feline Holdings and, in keeping with its parent company, offers smooth, efficient service on its routes.

Fly with IntraAir between Kitania Municipal Airport and Andromeda Int'l Airport, Andromeda Int'l Airport and MRT Int'l Airport, and between Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre and Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport.

Our Affiliate Members

RedPeachLogo.png IntraAirBoutiqueLogo.png IntraAirSmartLogo.png

A subsidiary of Air Peach, RedPeach is a leisure airline offering convenient service to numerous destinations out of the Air Peach hub at Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport. CEO'd by hntredtie, the airline provides fantastic connections to destinations across the server.

RedPeach flights will soon be operating between Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport and MRT Int'l Airport, pending warps.

A step up from the IntraAir experience, IntraAir Boutique is the luxurious subsidiary to IntraAir. Boutique flights operate from IntraAir hubs to popular resort destinations. IntraAir Boutique uses custom redesigned planes with luxurious minerals and a carefully designed seating arrangement, completely rethought from mainline IntraAir. Fly with IntraAir Boutique, and experience the pleasures of flight.

Fly nonstop from Western Ocean International to Zaquar with IntraAir Boutique.

A cheaper, smarter way to fly, IntraAir Smart is a budget subsidiary of IntraAir. It was formerly Smart Airways and is a convenient way to fly from destinations across the MRT, whether flying in our affordable Smart Class, or premium Smart+ Class.

Fly IntraAir Smart to WOI, Ice Springs, Llamapolis, Epsilon, and Ocean Suburbs Regional.

Ender Wing Airlines, formerly independent, is our newest affiliate member following the merge with Caelus. Ender Wing brings the swift service of Caelus to mortals and dragons alike. Caelus Premier Access and OneELITE passengers now enjoy the same benefits on Ender Wing, with priority check-in, boarding, and lounge access. Whether mortal or not, Ender Wing offers the swiftest service in the sky.

Fly Ender Wing from its international gateway hub at MRT International Airport to World2 off-server, and destinations on server including Crystal City and MRT Regional Airport.


Origin Airport Destination Airport Flight Operator Flight Code
Andromeda Int'l Airport Miningstone Rgn'l Airport Air Peach AP001
Andromeda Int'l Airport Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport Air Peach AP002
Kitania Rgn'l Airport Andromeda Int'l Airport IntraAir IA001a
Andromeda Int'l Airport MRT Int't Airport IntraAir IA001b
Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport IntraAir IA003a
MRT International Airport Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre Caelus WJ100


Award Category Result
MRT's Favorite Airlines Outstanding Airline Alliance Won
2nd Eagle Awards Best Airline Alliance Pending