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The Ophelian Broadcasting Service is a broadcasting corporation owned by NeigeCom (Subsidiaries of Noonmir Holdings). It is also a National broadcaster of Ophelia Confederation. also, This Broadcasting Service is also supervised with Federal Communications Commission (Internal Affairs and Communications Ophelia)


Unknown, however, it was founded at the same time as NeigeCom. It is also replacement from Ninechannel in Ophelia confederation since lost coverage.

before found OBS, Ninechannel has covered shortly (in January 7th ~ July 12, 2017) until founder was requested cutoff between Ophelia Confederation.

Public Broadcasting service has also covered under Broadcasting Division of NeigeCom (National Telephone Carrier) between July 12, 2017 ~ October 10th, 2018


Disclaimer: based as JST.

Q4 2018

〔181004〕GAO advises avoiding all travel to Elecna Bay for all of Ophelian

Since today, Global Affairs Ophelia advises against all travel to Elecna Bay due to being annexed by a separatist of City-State of Kitania known as the Free State of Kitania

〔181010〕We have created own article for our Broadcasting station

We now have our own Broadcasting station article. However, we can't remember anything found before our own Broadcasting station's headlines. This name is under Provisional. Since we have lost the local channel, we need to operate separately under a new name.

〔181004〕Seolho is Still not completed, it needs to be built effectively.

Since the amount of land for our city to use is restricted by MRT staff, we must focus on being a compact city. However, we have to make sure to build effectively to grow rapidly. Don't forget, Seolho is also a spiritual successor and replacement from Janghwa. I wish not to repeat the same misconducts as last time.

〔181004〕Federal Territory of Janghwa is now connected with RaiLinQ

For talking with a translator, finally, RaiLinQ is allowed waypoint station. However, RaiLinQ is don't wish Union Station. And janghwa is still renovating. And, my reputations still dangerous due to mass harassment. (Repeated similar questions, ask questions anywhere, change the topic without permissions). How to recover reputation?

Also, Manukau Janghwa is also planned. However, my city is still incomplete. He wishes to isolate from other companies. We also planned shuttle bus service for transfer.

〔181112〕Section 1 of A 746 has Almost Finished, but…

Yeah, we’ve almost finished the last section of the former A6. It’s only the first section, though. We have not finished the city layout in Janghwa and have not solved the transit connection issue between the two stations. How can I connect these stations for people to transfer? (Manukau and the RaiLinQ Station is not connected directly. Maybe a shuttle bus service? (Fixed by Ryan)

〔181217〕(Untranslated due My current status) 현재 나는 동결 상태에 있다.

지난 밤에 표절 의혹으로 인해 오펠리아 연방의 평판이 심각하게 나쁜 상태다. 현 상태로는 독창성을 연구할 시간도 없는 상태며, 결국엔 난 반동결 상태로 유지하기로 했다. 동결기간 동안 부시장들이 시장 권한을 대행할 것이며, 프랜차이즈들은 동결상태로 두기로 했다. 표절 의혹이 있다면 디자인을 바꿔야하나?

Q1 2019

〔190113〕Zephar Line Southern Expansion has begun, but not included my city.

(Untranslated due lack a writing skill) 이번 1월 GSM에서 Zephar선 남부 확장이 확정되었다. 애석하게도, 이번 확장안은 내 도시가 확장하지 않는 이상 지나가지 않는다. 현 시점에선 도시 계획이 제대로 잡히지 않은 상황이라 확장하기 곤란한 상태인데...

〔190211〕A 746 expansion is Denied again...

Originally, I have planned the expansion of A 746 to Birdhall in January GSM. Unfortunately, the deadline is over and need cleanup agenda. And I have to retry this agenda, rejected again due to infrastructure quality.
What's wrong for A 746...

  • Old tunnel ruin has remained
  • Too thin support pillar
  • and more...

And CFTS is still planned again due to limited land resources... How to collect tenant efficiency?

(sorry, need more fix grammar.) Added since August GSM: Leg 2 of A 746 is Finally Approved Since August GSM. Final Leg is still unknown. Thanks, Vulpicula!

Q2 2019

〔190518〕Both head of state have been watchlisted from both Sovereign state

(Suggest by I-90)

Due to being unfinished for too long. I was banned from Juwha Islands by supykun. He said, "If you want to be removed from the blacklist, build a clock tower". Sadly, I don't have sufficient building skill. I have focused on a planned city. However, I can't set a building zone at a whole time due to the limited land resource. Why they don't give thinking time is beyond me? Did we wish to repeat bad memories? sadly, I was Tied off both until Basic Foundation is Completed... Public Transport for Innercity has not yet been allowed.

I was Weirdly... Why he want Clock Tower? Clock Tower is not a common building in My Country (in real life)...

(Needn_NL's suggest)

because the city (Seolho) has been practically unbuilt for a long time. Also, I am banned from Juwha Islands by supykun. He said that if I want to be removed from the blacklist, I need to build a clock tower. Unfortunately, I still don't have sufficient building skills to do this. I have designated the city as a planned city, but I can't set the building zones yet because I have a limited building area. Why doesn't supy give more thinking time? Does he want to dig up the same arguments as before? Unfortunately, the city is cut off from the rest of the world until the foundation of the city is built. I was wondering if innercity public transport is allowed yet.

I am confused... Why does he want a clock tower? Clock tower is not a common building in my country (in real life)...

I have confused for look better >w<

Added on May 30: Currently, I have to build Broadcasting Studio in Seolho. It makes a Main Headquarters of OBS. however, the quest of studio size has still remained.

Added on October 20: I will released from Watchlist him due met Promotion. but not vice versa and Studio-Mall is still under construction yet.

〔190630〕Finally Connected with other cities to Seolho... via Ferry.

Hummingbird Boat Lines now connects to Seolho! (Pier 3 for Line 4, Pier 4 for Line 30. however, Seaport terminal is under planning) -from yoshi

Fun Fact: Destination of Route 30 is Following "S". (but not for Japanese name of seolho. The officinal Japanese name of Seolho is "Yuki-Kitsune", not "Setsu-Ko".)

and, finally, Kenthust Embassy is installed under the One-Day Building Challenge.

(sorry, I don't memorize for a summary.)

Q1 2020

〔200113〕Ophelia Confederation is now join to Epsilonian Republic under Autonomous Republic

not finished, hang on.

Finally, Ophelia Confederation is joined to Epsilonian Republic as Allow Autonomous Republic Type. but still exist our constitute, Parliament, and... (sorry. that's all for tell as I know.)

Note: there is no political party yet in Ophelia Confederation.

〔200126〕Ophelia Confederation is no longer follow Creeperville Telecommunications System Due Disruption with owner.

last yesterday, Eris was guidance leaving from CTS due I was bugging with him. due to relationship, I was Opt-Out via Staff.
As a result, Frosty has Opt-out from CTS and rerouting number for +314.
Note: this article is not perfect. if wish dialing to CTS in ONP, must follow with +28. it is already assigned before Opt-Out from CTS.

〔200312〕SARS-CoV-2 (aka COVID-19) Outbreak Status Report

Global Affairs Ophelia and Health, Labor and Wealth Ophelia advices:

  • Avoid all travel to Hendon, New Bakersville, New Genisys, Wenyanga, Stone Bay due the Critical risk of COVID-19 (New Genisys is on lockdown but has no cases yet).
  • Avoid non-essential travel to Zerez, Winterside, Sansvikk, Creeperville, Utopia, Danielston, Michigana, Region of Lumeva, East Spruce, Mallison, City-State of Kitania, Airchester, Kalorean Union due the particularly high risk of COVID-19.
  • Exercise a high degree of caution to St. Anna, Central City, Monte Isola, Lapis Bay, Shenghua, Michigana due to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Also, Land, Infrastructure and Transit Ophelia Advise Avoid all cruise ship travel due to COVID-19.

Due of SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak, Creepervile Embassy is suspended. dial +(314~)62 (2) 2 Call GAO if need urgent service

Updated since: 18th March 2020 JST

〔200318〕We Shutdown Border due SARS-CoV-2 (aka COVID-19) Outbreak

Global Affairs Ophelia and Health, Labor and Wealth Ophelia advices Avoid non-essential travel outside of Ophelia Confederation until further notice To limit the spread of COVID-19, many countries have put in place travel or border restrictions and other measures such as movement restrictions and quarantines. Airlines have cancelled flights.

We shutdown border all Ophelian Cities due COVID-19 Pandemic. Thankfully, no case in Ophelian currently.

exempt from no entry if listed below:

  • Ophelian Citizen
  • Permanent Resident visa holder with medical certificate
  • Diplomats with medical certificate
  • Transport Staff (Such Airplane/Ferry Crew, Truck Driver) with medical certificate
  • Emergency Travel Permission holder from Health, Labor and Wealth Ophelia (but, not allowed all case. Only allowed such family of Permament Resident/Citizen, Medical staffs)

Q2 2020


Currently, Still Shutdown Border against COVID-19 Pandemic Server-wide. All Avoid non-essential travel outside of Ophelia confederation is still effected and Shutdown all International Transit exempt essential traffic. and, no reported probable cause due Poor Traffic Network but few possible causes. All possible causes is isolated to newly building Quarantine Hospital Facility. also, we developing SARS-CoV-2 Cures under supervised by Health, Labor and Wealth Ophelia.
also, Kenthust Embassy is suspended due Franchise Problem. at the time, we migrated to AT Consular District and Our Embassy in Kenthust is handover to Storalia Goverment. Storalian Embassy was still provide consular service under Interest Section, but not providing full support.