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Ohpelian Numbering Plan is a telephone numbering plan by LithiumMirnuriX. This scheme name is based from Ophelia Confederation. also regulated by Ophellian Communications Commission (Provisional).


  • Feb. 20th, 2018: Formed with MRT Telecommunications Union. but still WIP.
  • April GSM 2018: this Plan is no longer replacement for MRT Phone Network (now Called Creeperville Telecommunications System) due to acquired by another user. instead, this scheme is paralleled but with limited compatibility (see below, not correctly exactly.)


If capitalized, this digit is mandatory. vice versa, optional digit if it is lowercase

Format for Integrated system

This format is an Integrated system in the new and old world is +1Z (Aaa) EEEe XXXX. It is based like as NANP. For example, +15 55 is mean Area code 55 in Region 5.
This format is an Integrated system in the minor world is Typically +2Z XX XX XX XX (for minor worlds, integrated numbering plan, also chanable.)
The format Special service number is Typically following +2 or +3. (But Variable. check for International Network Providers and Cross-format Telephony Formats)
+388 ZAA EEE XXXX (used as legacy MRT Phone network for backward compatibility. Of course, also used as Ben nation memorial.)

Well, how to design my phone scheme?

Use +Ycc xxxxxxxxxxxx for customizing if have a sovereign state. The country code is allowed up to 3 or 4 if Group, subscribe number is up to 15 digits with calling code. (allowed range: +4 CCC to +8 CCC like as Proposed European Union system. but your choice, currently, +9 is unusable due reserved by someone. if not have your sovereign state, use integrated format instead unless MPO. also leading +2 or +3 is available.)
+62 Aa EEEe XXXX: Used in Ophelia Confederation. (See also: Telephone numbers in Ophelia Confederation, 9 Digits Typically, 10 digits if Personal communication service like as Mobile Phone (either without Truck Prefix))

Can I Assignable Moblie Phone Number Scheme?

it is a curious question. Ophelian Numbering Plan is based like as American (NANP) with Australian/Franch format. it's mean as Mobile Number/VoIP is also shared as Fixed Phone Number. but separated as Exchange code for Telephone Type. (but, some Non-Geographical service (such Satellite Phone) is used as the individual Area code. but it is used as Integrated Format. can separatable Mobile Phone Scheme if using Domestic Format.)
if using International Network scheme, use Separate calling code.
Example for International Network Format: +382/+383 CCcc xxxxxxxxxx (Up to 15 Digits with Calling Code. and Up to 4 Digits for Carrier code.)


For used calling code.
W is mean as World/dimension code. (If integrated numbering plan.)
Z is mean as Ward number in New World. Also appointed as subdimension if minor worlds.
C is mean as country or carrier. 2 or 3 digits recommend. (1 digit is not recommended unless huge system.)
For used Subscriber number.
A is a mean Area code. recommendation ranges: [2–9] for the first digit.
E is mean Exchange Code. Allowed ranges: [2–9] for the first digit.
X is mean subscriber number.

List of Numbering plan area code and Calling code

also refer via MRT Telecommunications Union

Complated List

This section is WIP.

if not have Country Code or Not associated any Sovereign State (City-States). (exempt have induvial MPO calling code. All City-State Country code is +1 Z)
Region Municipality/Area Code Subscribers Digits Format Emergency Trunk Prefix IDD Remarks
Name Area number Domestic International Police Fire Ambulance
Ward 1 Seoland 1 613
1 647
1 650
7 1 (613) xxx xxxx
1 (647) xxx xxxx
1 (650) xxx xxxx
+11 613 xxx xxxx
+11 647 xxx xxxx
+11 650 xxx xxxx
911 1 011 This city following NANP format.
Ward 6 Southern Mesa Checkpoint 6?? 7 +1 6?? xxx xxxx Not yet assigned due without permission.
For have country code / MPO
Sovereign State / MPO Municipality / Area Code (Domestic) Subscribers Digits Format Emergency Trunk
IDD Remarks
Name Code Name Code Domestic International Integrated (if have) Police Fire Ambulance
Sultanate of Creepervile +280 Creeperville 101 7 +28 0 101 EEE xxxx (CTS only Areas) No Emergency Number in CTS.

Please Consult local operator in case emergency.

None, CTS is must dial full digits with Calling code even domestic. This Country is only use as CTS.

and, this calling code is not part of ONP. just rerouting between different telephony space.

Juhwa Islands, The Union of +284 All Areas 10 PRR xxx xxxx +284 PRR xxx xxxx (CTS only Areas) 202 252 282 ? None Also usable 222 for Every Emegency.

This Country is use CTS System Since 2019. however, need put +28 due Ophelia is leave from CTS.

P is Meaning as Province. (e.g.

Ophelia Confederation +62 (OC) Seolho 2 2 7 02 2xxx xxxx +62 2 2xxx xxxx +15 732 xxx xxxx 112 0 00 see also: Telephone numbers in Ophelia Confederation
This Country's domestic Telephone number format follow like Australian / Franch (0Ta BB CC XX XX).
Janghwa 3 6/7 7 03 Zxxx xxxx Region +62 3 Zxxx xxxx Region +1Z 54 xxx xxxx Region
Storalia +78 (ST) Storalisburg 510 7 (follow NANP) 1 510 NXX XXXX +78 510 NXX XXXX +17 51 NXX XXXX 911 1 011 I has assigned indivial country code. 2-alphabet country code is ST.

however, Head of State of Storalia is not use any Telephony Codes.
I has assigned for Provisually.
This Country is de facto follow NANP Format.

Disclaimer: Monte Isola is not Assigned Area Code

Monte Isola 1 ??? NXX XXXX +78 ??? NXX XXXX +1? ?? NXX XXXX
(Cattington) +? ? ??? xxx xxxx +? ??? xxx xxxx +1 ??? xxx xxxx Provisual. not assigned due not accepted permission from owner.
For International Network Providers and Cross-format Telephony Formats
Carrier Code Digits Format Remark
NeigeCom +38(42) 9 +38(42) XXX XXX XXX used for Satellite phone subscriber.
Ezzo City Telephony Standards +32 W CCC 12 (standard, without Prefix) +32 W CCC D XXX XXXX +32 W is special code for rerouting to Ezzo City Telephony Standards from ONP.
Followed as Ezzo City Telephony Standards format.
W is mean as Ward, C is mean as City code, D is mean as Carrier/District code
Creeperville Telecommunications System +28 Ccc (WAa) 10 to 13 (with group and area code) +28 Ccc (WAa) EEE XXXX +28 is special code for rerouting to Creeperville Telecommunications System.
Followed as Creeperville Telecommunications System format.
W is mean as Region, C is mean as Country (City-state if Wcc is W00), A is mean as City code and Carrier.
also, this telephony space is near as Turkish format. (mixed as NANP and Filipino format)
Disclaimer: if dialing to CTS, need put Prefix with +28 Opt-out from CTS since January 25th, 2020
MRT Phone Network
(Legacy format)
Followed as MRT Phone Network Era. 7 +388 (ZAA) xxx xxxx

Used as Legacy Format under MRT Phone Network (now called Creeperville Telephony System) era.
Not Used due Lack a Permission. also used as Ben Nation.

Frequently asked questions in Ophelian Numbering Plan…

If not listed, use Discussion page or DM to me. sadly, My answer is limited due I don't comprehension English completely.

Can compatible with Other Telephony Numbering Space?

Sadly, He won't compatible with Other systems unless assigning to redirection code. Vice versa, Own Phone Numbering Space have for Port forwarding if available. (with Restriction)
for example, can't access to OPN Phone Number (Integrated and/or Domestic format) if not assigned in CTS (+62 is both used as CTS and ONP. but different Phone Numbering format, can access only mapped with CTS such +62 522 XXX XXXX in CTS is redirected to +62 2 2XXX XXXX in ONP if possible.).

Disclaimer: if dialing to CTS, need put Prefix with +28 Opt-out from CTS since January 25th, 2020

Can I Join Ophelian Numbering Plan?

if wish joins an Ophelian Numbering Plan, you need write form. the application form is also planned.

If Owner is banned or Inactivated, Who is Caretaker of this Telephone Numbering Plan?

This Telephone Numbering Plan is also operated as Ophelia Confederation or MRT Telecommunication Union (Provisional). if Owner is Banned or Inactivated, I have appointed to New Caretaker of Ophelia Confederation (if acquire Ophelia Confederation), MRT Telecommunication Union Staffs (if Possible) or MRT Staffs (with renovating Telephone Numbering Plan format).

Travia and Footnote

+388 is assigned as legacy MRT Phone network, referenced as +388 for use in European Telephony Numbering space formerly in real life.

Region ^ a b c Z is mean as Ward.