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Oreworld is the first franchise that autobus22 founded. It sells carrots and baked potato in a cave or island themed area, with most types of ore around the table including patterns and decorations.

The head office for Oreworld is located in Autocity at 2 Arlington Street.


As of January 21st, 2014 there are a couple of standard designs, the older stores vary in design.

  • Normal - Almost all Oreworlds are the Normal design. They have a food machine and a couple of tables. There are mostly chunks of ore scattered around the restaurant and the walls are mostly made of dark oak and green/magenta glass.
  • Express - A few of Oreworlds are of this type. They can fit in very small locations and are mostly used in transit hubs or subway stations. There are 2 subtypes of the Express design:
    • Mini Express - These shops have an over-the-counter service without any tables or seating area. The counter is made out of stone and and usually has one or two ovens.
    • Normal Express - These are small Oreworlds that can fit in small spaces. They are made of dark oak and have desks made out of different ores. There is also a small space for a seating area.
  • Large - The Large is the same as the Normal design but then they are licensed to stock local food items from other shops in the area. This can be requested by the Mayor/Franchise Owner when the store is being built.


Old World

  • Autocity: Beach promenade (Normal Express)
  • Autocity: City Center (Small Express)
  • Autocity: Casino (Normal)
  • Autocity: Skyscraper District Mall (Large) (MRR Rating 2.5)
  • Autocity: Jungle district (mini express)
  • Arlington: City Center (normal Outside)
  • MineCity: Skymall (Normal)
  • Riverend (Normal)
  • Omerah: Transit Hub (Normal)
  • Chrome City: City Center (Normal)
  • New Kiwi City (Normal)
  • Cortville: City Center (Normal)
  • Silver Caves: Main Cave (Normal)
  • Miningstone (Normal/Desk-Style)
  • Kitana (Large)
  • Midcity (normal)
  • kitania


Request an Oreworld

To request an Oreworld to be built in your town, players can ask autobus22 to build one in a space you mark out. All you need to do is request what store type you want and autobus22 will make it for you at his earliest convenience..