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PMW Commuter

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PMW Commuter is an intercity rail company based out PMW City owned by dragonbloon419 under PMW(Y)DOT, it is operated mainly by dragonbloon419 with one of it's lines being outsourced to unjinz. 4 of it's lines are currently operational and many more are planned.


Operational Lines

Western Express

The Western Express is an intercity service in the Mid/Western part of the server running between the PMWC Hub station in Desertview and Utopia/AFK in Utopia.

Stop Status Transfers
PMWC Desertview Central Dynmap Green Flag.png Moton Shuttle, Westliner
Espil Dynmap Green Flag.png Station shared with NKTransit, BluRail and FredRail
Kolpino Dynmap Green Flag.png None
Utopia/AFK Transit Hub Dynmap Green Flag.png NS Mainline, Unnamed Line 1, Many other rail companies

Moton Shuttle

The Moton Shuttle is a short line running between the PMWC Hub station in Desertview and Moton.

Stop Status Transfers
PMWC Desertview Central Dynmap Green Flag.png Western Express, Westliner
Moton Dynmap Green Flag.png None


The Westliner is a north-south line operating in the SW section of the server, from Heampstead north to desertview and possibly Eagleshore in the future

Stop Status Transfers
Heampstead Kings Cross Dynmap Green Flag.png Various other rail companies
Seaview Dynmap Green Flag.png None
PMWC Desertview Central Dynmap Green Flag.png Western Express, Moton Shuttle
Desertview/Calico Dynmap Pin.png None
Spring valley Dynmap Pin.png None
Eagleshore Dynmap Pin.png None


A short 3-stop service between Cornus and Laclede, operated by unjinz_ under PMWC.

Stop Status Transfers
Cornus Dynmap Green Flag.png NS Mainline
Christi Dynmap Green Flag.png None
Laclede South Dynmap Green Flag.png None

NS Mainline

The networks central backbone running from PMW City in the north to Iceton or Fort Yaxier in the south

Stop Status Transfers
PMW Grand Central Dynmap Construction.png Many lines
Beldavere Dynmap Pin.png None
Bakersville Dynmap Construction.png Many other companies
Cornus Dynmap Green Flag.png Cornus/Laclede Shuttle
Xilia/Oakburgh Dynmap Green Flag.png None
Xilia Central Dynmap Construction.png None
Formossa Dynmap Pin.png None
Utopia AFK Transit Hub Dynmap Pin.png Western Express, Unnamed Line 1
Elecna Bay Dynmap Pin.png None
Fort Yaxier Dynmap Construction.png Unnamed Line 2, Many other companies
Iceton Dynmap Pin.png None

Welsbury/Furling Shuttle

A short line from south Welsbury to Furling via a loop around Welsbury's Harbor.
NOTE: The path from WRA station to the airfield is temporarialy blocked while the airfield is edited

Stop Status Transfers
Welsbury Cube Monument Dynmap Green Flag.png RaiLinQ Stoptrain 4500
WRA Station Dynmap Green Flag.png Unnamed Line 3
Welsbury North Dynmap Green Flag.png None
Furling Central Dynmap Green Flag.png None

Planned or Under Construction Lines

The following lines are either yet to be built or are under construction either actively or semi-actively, some will be unnamed and most will have no description.