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PWR Corp.
Founders & CEO mustang_guy
Facts and figures
Slogan PWR Your World!
Founded Summer 2014
Parent Company Moose Interests LTD.

PWR Corp. (pronounced as "Power Corp.") is a full service power company that designs, installs, and maintains solutions for your power needs. We currently sell power generation facilities, regional and local substations, as well as streetlights that can either be operated independently via solar power, or be connected to a city-wide power grid that we can design and install.


PWR Corp. was originally created on the MTA server to serve as a competitor to the already well established PinnacleGRID, owned by Pinnacle Corp, and Pow Co. power companies on the server at the time. It launched with a massive success receiving great reviews.

On July 5th, 2015, mustang_guy brought PWR Corp. to the MRT server. On July 7th, 2015, PWR Corp. bought out all power stations that were formerly owned by PinnacleGRID, and proceeded to an agreement to have all PinnacleGRID intellectual property licensed out to PWR Corp.

In January 2016, PWR started working with the town of Blackfriars to install a city-wide power grid, powered by a Solar Power Generation Facility. It will provide power throughout the town of Blackfriars, as well as provide supplemental power to Whitechapel's existing power station.

In Early February 2016, PWR constructed the first hydroelectric dam on the server. It is located in South-Eastern Birdhall and has two turbines inside it that generate power as water flows through them.


Solar Power Generation

A PWR Solar facility includes a solar array installed in a field that generates electricity to power at least 4 PWR Battery Two units, which then distributes power to your town or development via an on-site Substation Three. Installation of a PWR Solar Power Generation Facility is $120.

PWR Solar1.png

Hydroelectric Power Generation

Installation of a PWR Hydroelectric Power Generation Facility is $200-$350.

PWR Hydro1.png

Coal Power Generation

Installation of a PWR Coal Power Generation Facility is $150.

Biofuel Power Generation

Installation of a PWR Biofuel Power Generation Facility is $140. Ordering for this product is currently unavailable.

Power Grid

Power grids are different for each town, and thus so is the pricing. Please speak to mustang_guy about estimated pricing if you would like a PWR Power Grid in your town.

Substation One

This station is for use in powering up to 4 city blocks, and has an integrated daylight sensor to automatically toggle streetlights on a dedicated circuit. The upgraded and newer version of this station is Substation Four, and in most cases we no longer install this station type.

PWR Sub2.png

Substation Three

This station is for use in powering a whole neighborhood or town, for control of between 12 and 72 city blocks via 6 different controllable circuits. This station is our most robust, and powerful Substation design. It features an emergency-shut off switch that can instantly cut all output power and trigger an alarm which is also triggered in the case of a fault from the power being received from the generation facility, a pass-through power port, and a clean and elegant design. Installation of PWR Substation Three is $40.

Substation Four

This station is for use in powering up between 3 and 6 city blocks, and has an integrated daylight sensor to automatically toggle streetlights on a dedicated circuit. Also features a pass-through power port for connecting various accessories. Installation of PWR Substation Four is $20.

Local Substation

A PWR Local Substation is designed to control power between a small group of buildings within a single city block to 2 city blocks, via two circuits. Installation of a PWR Local Substation is $10.


The PWR Battery One provides 2 minutes, 30 seconds of continuous power output for only 8 seconds of charge-up time. This battery pack is highly scaleable providing a potentially unlimited amount of power output time. Use cases include providing power during night time, if relying on solar generated power during the day. This product is similar to the Tesla PowerWall and PowerPack. Installation of a single Battery One is $15.

PWR Battery Two provides 3 minutes, 12 seconds of continuous power output with charge-up time only taking 10 seconds, all in a slightly smaller form factor compared to Battery One. It is also highly scalable, with improvements having been made to the input/out connectors over Battery One to improve daisy-chaining capabilities. Installation of a single Battery Two is $20.

PWR Battery.png


PWR is a deprecated technology that in most cases will no longer be allowed to have new installs, while existing deployments will have limited support.

Solar Streetlight

A collection of solar-powered streetlights are available for purchase.


To order a PWR product, or if you have any questions, please contact mustang_guy on the server or use the talk page.


City Name Nearest MRT Major Product Type
Whitechapel  A10  Rivera (Whitechapel-Radiance Square) Coal Power Generation
Melrose  P13  Melrose Substation One
Blackfriars  C73  Foobar Solar Power Generation
Birdhall  M27  Birdhall Hydroelectric Power Generation
Skogheim None: Far NW Quandrant Substation One, Solar Power Generation
Jeeka  T32  Jeeka Coal Power Generation