Paixton Missile Policy

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-Article One- --Section One: The Big Idea--

The entire idea of the Paixton Missile Policy is to govern the creation, launching, testing, detonating, and other activities related to the Paixton Missile Corps. While not military policy, it entirely governs the military branch. It also governs the numerous testing facilities and launch sites scattered around.

--Section Two: The Main Points--

The Paixton Missile Policy can be summarized by the following: 1. All missiles in or created by the State of Paixton are the property of the state, 2. The launching of missiles can only be done through the direct order of the Supreme Leader, 3. The construction of new missile sites is legal under all circumstances, 4. The only time World Destruction Missiles(WDTMs) may be launched is in the case of dead man strike or if danger to the state is imminent, 5. Missiles are otherwise legal for launching under all circumstances, 6. This legalizes the creation of an unlimited number of missiles, launch sites, testing facilities, military bases, bombers, fighters, submarines, carriers, and other defense vehicles, new fuels, new bodies, and other required parts, the research and development of Plasma-Thermo-Nuclear missiles, and the development of appropriate launch vehicles to launch from, among other required items and doctrines.