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Palm Lounges
Senior staff
Facts and figures
HeadquartersElecna Bay
FoundedOctober 2017

Palm Lounges is a premium lounge company which installs and maintains modern, luxurious lounges in cities and airports. It is wholly owned and operated by AlfiePops. Palm currently has 27 lounges, with the flagship lounge being located at EIA in Airchester.


When AlfiePops rejoined the server, one of the first things he noticed was the fact that almost every lounge seemed to be airline-owned. However, with not enough room to have a lounge for every airline, he wondered whether it would work to have an independent lounge brand, which would be open to customers of any airline. It was out of this thought that Palm Lounges came. Palm initially only had a small retail unit in Daneburg, which was not in an airport. The first airport lounge was in Segville International. This lounge was a great place to start, but the CEO knew that if he wanted to expand his business, he had to make something larger. He looked all over the MRT, seeking a well-known airport with a large amount of retail space available. Coincidentally, v5 of EIA was pasted in while the CEO was looking for somewhere to base his lounge. Upon completion of EIA v5, there were no shops - so the CEO reserved a small portion of the retail space there. More franchises moved in, and the CEO eventually learnt that nobody else was going to move in - so he expanded. The finished lounge in v5 of EIA used up almost half of all retail space - it was huge.

Today, Palm still has its flagship lounge at Epsilon International Airport in Airchester, but in a different building from the one the first lounge was in. This new building enabled Palm to reach new levels of luxuriousness. Today, Palm is the largest independent lounge company on the MRT - and we're proud of it.

Our Lounges

Check-In at EIA
Bar at EIA
Royal Suite at EIA
No. Airport or Town Location Type
1 Epsilon International Airport Departures Area Airport
2 Segville International Departures Area Airport
3 Schiphol International Airport Departures Area Airport
4 Evella Airport Departures Area Airport
5 Andromeda International Airport Lounge Area Airport
6 MRT International Airport Next to Security Checkpoint Airport
7 Elecna Bay International Airport Lounge Area Airport
8 Kenthurst Aerodrome Lounge Area Airport
9 Ilirea Midcity Airport Near Gate 23 Airport
10 Utopia Anthony Fokker Airport Elevator 10 SkyLounge Airport
11 Autocity Antonio Airport Lounge Area Airport
12 Horizon National Airport Lounge Area Airport
13 Schillerton Sayles Hill Airport Departures Area, Ground Level Airport
14 Evella Heliport Departures Area Airport
15 Evella Heliport Arrivals Area Airport
16 Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Downstairs, East Concourse Airport
17 New Woodbury Airfield Departures Area Airport
18 Evella Expo Center  M11  Evella Expo City
19 Daneburg  C78  Daneburg City
20 Hatch End  NE5  Hendon City City
21 SM Central City  D1  Central City SW
 M1  Central City SW
 XW1  Central City SW
 AX  Central City SW
22 Upminster  J0  Bawktown South City
23 Evella Oasis Center  M13  Foobar City
24 Elecna Bay Olympic Stadium  I20  Foobar Seating Zone C3 City
25 Verdantium Grand Central City
26 Northberg Transit Hub  C29  Northberg City
27 Whitecliff  LW6  Whitecliff City

Palm Expanding

Here at Palm, we are always looking for ways to expand our coverage. If you are interested in having a lounge installed in your town or city, please get in contact with the CEO, AlfiePops, either in-game, through the MRT Mail Center, through Discord, or through Talk:Palm Lounges.