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Town Officials
Mayor SonicTornado
Deputy Mayor kiwirainbow keentlewi
MRT  Y7  Palmville
Roadways  I-02 
Other transit  EML  East Midlands Line
Facts and Figures
Founded August 13, 2013
Recognized as town TBD

Palmville is a town where (the original) MRT Land used to be. The town officials are keentlewi , SonicTornado, kiwirainbow. It was founded on August 13th, 2013 and it grew greatly since then.


Memorial Roller-coaster

Palmville Park

Sumotori de Palmville

Rollin' MRT


Music's Gems Mega Store

Palmville Bank

Kiwi Inc North-east HQ

Transit Systems

Palmville has several transit lines

 PTA  Palmville Transit Authority

Northeast Waterport Shuttle

 EML  East Midlands Line

The Five-Seven Line

Want your line going to Palmville? Contact one of the town officials for help (Preferably Sonic)