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Parkour City is a town on the MRT Yellow Line at Y10 station and was built primarily by MinecraftYoshi26. The station was originally meant to contain 20 parkour stages, however development was stopped when the New World opened, so only 13 of these were completed. These are summed up below.

Stage 1-1 - Book Nook

Difficulty: Easy
Book Nook is the first stage within Parkour station, and is based in a Local Library. During this stage, you mainly parkour on top of ladders and bookcases, and there is a small external section outside on brick blocks.

Stage 1-2 - Juke Jumps

Difficulty: Easy
Juke Jumps is the Second stage at Parkour Station, and is based in a record store entitled Bob's Beats. The builder of this level was Puffball5672. In this level, you primarily parkour on Jukeboxes and Ladders, and there is no external section.

Stage 1-3 - Doors, doors and more doors

Difficulty: Easy
Doors, doors and more doors is the third stage in parkour station and is based in a shop called Dori's Doors. This involves the player parkouring on wooden doors, iron doors and trap doors to reach the end of the level. There is no external section to this level. This stage is the final one in level one.

Stage 2-1 - Lava Drama

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Lava Drama is the fourth stage in parkour station, and the first stage in level 2. It is based in a nether-themed room, and involves the player parkouring on blocks found naturally in the nether, as well as a few ladder jumps. The jumps are all over a lava pool, so death is a possibility if playing in Survival mode. Compared to others, this stage is relatively short.

Stage 2-2 - Ice Cold

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Ice Cold is based in a factory entitled Giant Cooling Inc. and features the player jumping on ice to reach the exit. This course is relatively straight, requiring only one major turn to complete, meaning that the level is able to be completed with only one or two pauses.

Stage 2-3 - Plant Parkour

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Plant Parkour is based outdoors in a park named Floating Gardens, consisting of an array of jumps onto floating trees and flowers in order to reach the highest point of the garden. This is the final stage in level 2, and the sixth overall level.

Stage 3-1 - Pistonary

Difficulty: Medium
Pistonary is based inside a piston factory, and features several redstone contraptions linked up to pistons to complicate the jumps further. As well as piston based jumps, there are also ladder jumps, as well as a sprint section where going slowly will cause you to be knocked off back down to the floor.

Stage 3-2 - Oh the Irony

Difficulty: Medium
Oh the Irony is based inside an Iron factory entitled UrIron Inc. and is primarily made of Iron blocks, however also features iron ore blocks and iron bars which explains the stage name. At the bottom of this level are 2 iron golems both of which are called Bob.

Stage 3-3 - Artsy

Difficulty: Medium
Artsy is based in the Emerald Art Museum, a room full of paintings, several of which you must walk through to reach hidden external sections. The course is mainly made up of Emerald Blocks, and features a lot of ladder parkour.