Peacopolis Airfield

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Peacopolis Airfield
Airport type Airfield
Owner PeacemakerX5
Operator Ukubhabha Airports Company
Serves Peacopolis, Southoak
Hub for FlyLumeva

Peacopolis Airfield is an airfield serving the city of Peacopolis, on the New World. It was built by Airplaneguy9 and managed by his company Ukubhabha Airports Company.



Peacopolis Airfield had been planned back as far as December 2019, when ForesneAir's i____7d decided to start a flight between Peacopolis and neighbouring Foresne, once both towns reached Senator (both towns at this time were Mayor-ranked). This flight was taken up by Lumeva Airlink when ForesneAir merged with Lunaria on January 26, 2020. At this time, FlyLumeva, as it was now called, was hubbing out of Foresne's Omega Hills. The airport had been built, and the terminal replaced, on Lab World, but Foresne failed to get Senator on February 3, meaning the airport that would boost tourism in Lumeva could not be built. This also meant FlyLumeva lost a few flights, and could only start them in the future. When Peacopolis was submitted for Senator, it was Lumeva's last hope of getting commercial flights, since at the time, the closest airfield was New Genisys Airfield, which was some time away from even Stone Bay and Southoak, the closest towns to New Genisys. Even worse, Fort Yaxier International Airport and West Mesa International Airport, the closest international airports, were nearly 30 minutes away by MRT.

Somehow, though, Peacopolis managed to get Senator, with an overwhelming 5-0 from the staff. That day, Airplaneguy9 asked permission from mayor PeacemakerX5 to build the airport, guaranteeing the airport by February 14. Peace accepted, and the airport was built quickly, being finished a day early. The airport used the old FOH terminal, and had six gates, three already taken up. By February 13, the airport was done and ready for pasting. Gate requests went up on the same day. However, Peace noted that the terminal could have another floor, but more importantly, four more gates could be added. In the three hours after gate requests went up, the entire 6-gate field was used up, and the airlines at the four new gates could not start services until they had been built.

The airport was pasted, as scheduled, on February 14. However, as the four extra gates were being built, Airplaneguy9 realised that a fifth gate could be built. Frosty_Creeper10's FlyCreeper took up the gate immediately. On February 14, 2020, at 15:30 GMT, the first aircraft touched down at Peacopolis Airfield: a FlyLumeva Aero A-3 registered 7D-LCA on its delivery flight from the lab world, followed by its sister 7D-LCB, and fellow Lumeva Airlink Aero A-1 7D-LAA. And at 16:20 GMT, FlyCreeper flight FC146, an API RJA-20 registered CA-218FC touched down at Peacopolis Airfield after a six-hour journey from Freedon Silverwood, marking the first commercial flight to touch down. The next commercial flight, FlyBahia flight 1410, touched down at around 19:00 GMT after a four hour flight from Sunshine Coast Regional.

The next day, all of FlyLumeva's and FlyCreeper's flights were set up, the control tower was built, and the road to the airport was finished.


As part of a plan to implement a canal beneath the airport, PeacemakerX5 asked Airplaneguy9 to mark out plans for the proposed Governor expansion, which Airplaneguy9 did. After the city obtained Governor on May 23, 2020, the expansion details are being finalized before it is proposed. The new expansion would add, among other things, a new terminal and parking areas for medium aircraft, a new runway, hangars for FlyLumeva aircraft, and quick access to the city center via a train underneath the ground.


  • No more than five warps a plane. This means you, OLA.
  • Any number of airlines can serve one destination.
  • FlyLumeva gets priority when requesting at other airports to PCE.
  • If you have 1 flight set up before the due date already, you can set up to 4 more warps at any time without notifying the airport.
  • Hubbing is not allowed - FlyLumeva is the only airline that gets to hub here. Again, OLA, this means you.
  • Codeshares count towards the flight counter.
  • Breaking these rules means you get a warning. If you get three warnings, you and/or your alliance are removed.
  • FlyLumeva can break any rules. SAA members get five chances instead of three.


None as of yet, but CES members better watch what they're doing.

Check-in Counters and Gates

Counter Airline
1 FlyLumeva
2 FlyLumeva
3 Lumeva Airlink
4 Lumeva Airlink
5 Waypoint
6 BluAir
7 FlyBahia
8 MRT Airlines
10 Infamous Airlines
11 National Airlines
12 FlyCreeper
Gate Airline To Status
1 FlyLumeva Southport-sur-mer1, Larkspur, Espil, Murrville-Arcadia,

Sunshine Coast

Service Good.png
2 FlyLumeva Kanto Service Good.png
3 Lumeva Airlink Foresne Omega Hills1 Service New.png
4 Waypoint Airchester Service Good.png
5 BluAir Moramoa, Mojang Town Service Good.png
6 FlyBahia Sunshine Coast, Fort Yaxier, Deadbush Service Good.png
7 MRT Airlines New Genisys Service Good.png
8 OLA Seoland, Deadbush, Segville Service Good.png
9 Infamous Airlines Richville, Antioch Service Good.png
10 National Airlines Titsensaki, Norwest, Pasadena Service Good.png
11 FlyCreeper

codeshare with National Airlines

Creeperville via Freedon Service Good.png

1: Airport has not been built yet

Gate Requests

Note: There are no more gates left. If you try and request, I will undo the edit immediately.

Airline To CEO(s) Accepted/Denied
Waypoint Epsilon International RacCort Accepted
MRT Airlines New Genisys LightingMC Accepted
OLA New Genisys, Seoland, TSN (Future), WMI, Segville CodyHM New Genisys denied, rest accepted
BluAir Moramoa, Mojang Town hvt2011 Accepted
FlyBahia Sunshine Coast Echohue Accepted
Infamous Airlines Richville and Antioch woorich999 Accepted
National Airlines Norwest, Pasadena, Titsensaki ModernArt Accepted