Pearl Coast

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Pearl Coast
Deputy Mayortime2makemymove
City recognition
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 4
Post code(s) PC4 
MRT ES24  West Pearl Coast Station
 ES26  South Pearl Coast Station
 P38  North Pearl Coast
Population1.5 million

Pearl Coast is a large industrial city in the southeast corner of the New World Gamma region, and it is owned by knowmads7, or previously known as michealman. The City has an approximate population of 1.5 million residents (made up number), has multiple districts and areas, and many parks, services, and luxury buildings, making Pearl Coast a paradise. Pearl Coast is geographically quite massive, and is larger than Spawn City, and about equal in size to Whitechapel and Central City. Pearl Coast stands out from all other cities on the server, as it has a quite modern-futuristic "feel", and has many distinct buildings that stand out from the ordinary.


Pearl Coast currently made up of 6 different districts:

Beech Wood - the first district, made up of high density residential and commercial buildings.

Corral Beech - Shopping District - really made up of only 2 streets, this is the smallest district. it contains the Pearl Coast mega shopping mall, and many other commercial and a few residential buildings.

Pine Hills - Financial District - The downtown core. made up of dozens of large office buildings and towering luxury apartments, it also has City Hall and many of the most important and largest buildings in the City.

Letitia Heights - The newest district, Letitia heights is a small but thriving middle-class community (despite the recent bank robbery) far away from the noisy-bustling city. it is made up of small commercial buildings and low-density residential housing.

Restricted Zone - The Heart that keeps Pearl Coast beating, the Restricted Zone is a high-security district surrounded by a high wall protecting the massive Military industrial complex inside. Behind the walls of this zone are dozens of power plants, refineries, factories, research facilities, and weapons testing sites; all next to a huge military base which holds thousands of soldiers, vehicles, aircraft, and a large spaceport to support Pearl Coast's space-mining industry. on the far side of the base is a large freight train yard, a spaceship-manufacturing yard, and a nuclear fusion power plant (Fusion One HQ) that supplies the city with clean, renewable energy.

Industrial Park - the largest district (next to the restricted zone), Industrial park is a large, civilian industrial complex made up of dozens of factories, refineries, storage yards, warehouses, and inside Industrial Park is a sub-district known as the power district, as all the power generating stations for the city are found concentrated in one small area.