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Pecos is a farming hamlet located at the intersection of Intermap 1 and Ravenswood Parkway. It is a Ravenswood community, which means that the Ravenswood City Council runs the day-to-day operations of the hamlet. It will be focused mainly on the agricultural business, with some traveler services provided. Ravenswood's mayor, _frozen, also serves as the mayor of Pecos. Pecos has a town hall built adjacent to the gas store and the farming supply store, but it has minimal information. For more town-related information, Ravenswood City Hall is the place to go for those things.

Town rules are the exact same rules as the city of Ravenswood. Pecos' boundaries are also marked in similar ways as Ravenswood are-- a boundary made out of pink two-tall pillars with a torch on top of it.

Pecos is served by the JDT Green Line, a metro connector between Wishington and Crystal City. It is also served by the IntraBus  IB03 , which forms a transit link to its sister city of Ravenswood.

Businesses located at Pecos includes:

  • Brewery Wheat Company -- a company dedicated to growing and cultivating the best wheat possible for MRT Breweries to ensure a smooth beer. Their fields are a major landmark of Pecos.
  • Meier's Grains and Hay -- selling hay to the horse farms all over MRT, and storing grains since 1998.
  • Pecos Standard Gas -- a community-owned gas station at the intersection of Ravenswood Parkway and I-1.
  • Pecos General Stores -- a Raven Holdings company, this store caters to the wide needs of the farming community.
  • Parry's Chicken Farm -- the #1 supplier of chicken and eggs of the MRT server, this farm is located in Pecos.
  • Packard Horse Sales & Pasture -- Sells the best horses money can buy, and also provides for your rental and breeding needs.

Businesses that will be located at Pecos:

  • Farming Supplies store
  • A Single Franchise serving the busy travelers of I-1
  • Ravenswood University Agricultural Annex

If any franchise with an emphasis on agriculture would like to establish a presence at Pecos, please do contact _frozen.