People's Republic Of Zimbobwica

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People's Republic Of Zimbobwica
Flag of Zimbobwican.png
General Information
Capital Gillmont
Official Languages English & Brican
Demonym Zimbobwican
Government Democratic Monarchy
Founding Date 11/11/2019
Total Area ?
Cities 8
Overseas Territories 0
Supreme Imperial Leader Wipeout111
Commander Of The Military Wipeout111
Prime Minister Kangaroo567
Overseer of Overseas Territories Wipeout111
Currency Zimbobwican Gram
Population -.1
Driving side Right

The People's Republic Of Zimbobwica, or just The Zimbobwican Empire, is a New World Nation with a whopping total of 1 city. The Nation's main value is to have a Strong Central Government and to dispose of any who "gets in the way". The respective slogan for this type of Government is "Liberty and Freedom for most." Currently, all Governing is done in the capital city of Gillmont. The Nation is the 2nd largest based in the South West.

Zimbobwica was started by Wipeout111 on November 11th, 2019. Before this, Wipeout111 and his town of Gillmont were part of the Epsilon Republic, Wipeout111 even served as the current Prime Minister at the time. He left to start Zimbobwica and still has healthy relations with the Epsilon Republic.


Governing Parties and Main Policies


  • Hierarchy Party

What is a "Democratic Monarchy"?

  • A system of government where the ruling leader is chosen in a completely non-biased way where the next ruler just so happens to be related to the previous one. That leader can create any type of fake government below them.

Serivce Policy

  • If any Citizen is asked to serve "extra service" they must go. If they reject the offer, they will be forced into it and undergo the 4 generation policy (See Below).

4 Generation Policy

  • If a citizen commits any major crime, the definition of a major crime can be decided on by the prosecutor. The 4 Generation Policy involves the citizen, all their family members, and the next 4 generations to come, will serve "extra service" for the whole of their lives until the 5th generation turns 5.


To join the Zimbobwican Empire, contact Wipeout111 on discord (Wipeout111#4640) Before you join, you must understand that the Empire is a Dictatorship (But Still With Important Roles For Members, No MRT Player is a "Peasant")

List of Cities

City Mayor Rank
Gillmont Wipeout111 [Mayor]
Dekuville Kangaroo567 [Senator]
Chan Bay Kangaroo567 [Governor]
Euphorial Kangaroo567 [Councillor]
Andros Kangaroo567 [Unranked]
Abaco City Kangaroo567 [Unranked]
Foresne i____7d [Councillor]
Peacopolis PeacemakerX5 [Unranked]
Sansmore SansNotLuigi [Mayor]
New Sansburg SansNotLuigi [Councillor]
Sansvikk SansNotLuigi [Unranked]


Act 1 Rename MRT to AFPGOSAANCTNRTI (a few players get on a server and argue about changing the name rapid transit ironically)