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Pettle Tech

Pettle Tech is a priviate orginisation that sprug up on Christmas day 2017 following the downfall of Dead Bush Systems. This company now is the main contractor of Rosemary City!


Software Releases
Name Release Date Expire Date Development Status Notes
MarksmenX (Test Release) 06/10/17 20/12/17 Complete No Records
Pettle OS 24/12/17 4/5/2018 Complete Still available for consumer use but companies advised to buy RoundHouseOS for better security!
Roundhouse OS 5/5/2018 Active Version Distributing Copies Cannot be purchased for consumer use. Only Business or Educational uses.
Collective OS *Planned* N/A *Planned* Will be available for consumer use mainly. Will likely be very cheap.
Coming Soon N/A N/A N/A Lorem


Director/CEO ~ Rose (NorthOrKorea) Deputy Director ~ TBD

Head Of Marketing ~ TBD Head Of Finances ~ TBD Head Of Distribution ~ TBD Head Of Security ~ TBD Head Of Copywrite ~ TBD

Area Code

The area code is the location in which the software was first installed.

Area code list:

0 - Sanctuary Hills (Rosemary)

1 - BlackHeart

2 - GreenDale

A113 - Ignis Nation (Military Hardware)

555 - Test Software. (Can be for showrooms or software that's in development)


Pettle Tech is mostly online shopping but we do operate some small showrooms.

You can request a store in your town by contacting RoseKorea in-game. Prices can vary.

Location Status Type
Rosemary Planned Showroom
FairFax Mall Coming Soon Store
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon


We always bring you the most up to date news about our company and exclusive offers

Read the latest one here: *Coming Soon*


Will be added soon