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Pig Racing

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Pig Racing
Pig Racing-October 8 2022.png
The oil rig and a few tracks in Pig Racing in 2022
City recognition
Date founded2012
Town hall coordinates-2633, 51, -285
WorldOld World
MRT R2  Pig Racing
Air facilitiesPig Racing Seaplane Base
Rail serviceAtlantis Commuter Rail
Former name(s)Deepwater Horizon

Pig Racing, formerly known as Deepwater Horizon, is a town founded by godzilltrain, located at R2 on the Red Line. Pig Racing was founded in 2012.

Pig Racing is most known for its oil rig and pig racing tracks.


Pig Racing was originally founded with the name Deepwater Horizon. It was named after the ultra-deepwater drilling rig operated by BP, as the main feature of the town at the time was its oil rig in 2012. Pig racing tracks were later built nearby the oil rig. The oil rig was eventually converted to a pig racing track, known as The Pig Run, which led to the MRT station and town being renamed Pig Racing Station.

Pig Racing was featured in Week 29 of The Snapshot.


Pig Racing is located less than 600 blocks east of the western world border on the Old World. Pig Racing is located in an ocean biome in the Western Ocean of the Old World.

In relation to other settlements, Mycelium is to the north, Lighthouse is to the southeast, and Lava Island is to the southwest.

List of current pig racing tracks

The current tracks at Pig Racing as seen in 2015. Clockwise from upper left: The Obstacle Course, NasPig, The Hunter Track, The Racetrack, The Pig Run, Pig Dash

All current tracks at Pig Racing have been solely designed and built by godzilltrain, with the exception of NasPig.

The Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course is the first track built at Pig Racing. The Obstacle Course was made when the server was upgraded to Minecraft version 1.4.2, making it possible for pigs to be controlled by a carrot on a stick. This track was made purposefully made quickly to assert its position as the first pig track on the server. The track is primarily made out of red wool, blue wool, and glowstone.

Since its creation, a few modifications have been made.


NasPig is the second track built at Pig Racing and was designed by Benie and built by Benie and godzilltrain. NasPig is based on the sport of Nascar, with the track having an oblong shape. The track is primarily made out of white and black wool.

Pig Dash

Pig Dash is the third track built at Pig Racing. Pig Dash was originally intended to be used at a sports event organized by chiefbozx. The track has distance markers of 100, 200, 300, and 400 blocks. The track can be used by up to five players and requires an extra person to start the race. An automated win detection system is used for photo finishes at the end of the track.

The Hunter Track

The Hunter Track is the fourth track built at Pig Racing. The Hunter Track pits two players against each other to race to step on pressure plates in numbered areas in an order indicated by a redstone display. Numbers are shown one at a time in random order. After all nine numbers have been visited, players must ride down the finish channel and into the lava to win. To indicate when a player wins, fireworks of that player's color are fired into the air.

The Hunted Track's number sequence is editable. For $30, the number sequence can be chosen.

The Pig Run

The Pig Run is the fifth track built at Pig Racing. The town's oil rig was repurposed to become The Pig Run, which led to the town being renamed Pig Racing. The Pig Run takes the longest to race on, taking approximately five minutes to complete a lap.

Around Christmas, an extra large Santa hat is built atop the oil rig.

The Racetrack

The Racetrack is the sixth track built at Pig Racing. To design the track, godzilltrain first drew random curves on a piece of paper and then recreated it in Minecraft. Black and white wool are used for the flooring, while red and white stained glass is used for the walls.

The Racetrack track was used in the third episode of The Mole 4: Subterfuge for the "Day at the Races" challenge.


R2 Station on the MRT Red Line

Pig Racing is located at R2 on the MRT Red Line. The modifications to the MRT station were done by godzilltrain and a few other players named on a sign wall inside the station. The station shell took approximately 30 hours to complete.

Pig Racing also has a transit hub below the station that took approximately 10 hours to complete. The transit hub has an Atlantis Commuter Rail station.

Pig Racing is served by seaplane by IntraAir Poseidon at the Pig Racing Seaplane Base, a small dock area near the oil rig. The IntraAir Poseidon flight travels to Zicronia Anaconda Regional Airport.