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Pixel Pizza

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Pixel Pizza
Founder/CEO RileyServer
Number of Locations 5
Headquarters Wexford
Founded May 13, 2019

Pixel Pizza is a pizza chain started by RileyServer. It currently has 5 locations, the original located in Wexford. It serves Pizza.


1 Slice: $1.99

2 Slices: $3.00

6-Inch: $5.00

12-Inch: $8.00


City Name Nearest Transport/MRT Date Opened Status
Wexford  XE39  Foobar May 13, 2019 Open
Sansberg  T48  Foobar May 13, 2019 Open
XE38 (Unnamed City)  XE38  Foobar May 15, 2019 Open
Lapis Bay  XE31  Foobar May 16, 2019 Open
Creeperville  ZN21  Nippia North May 25, 2019 Demo For Expo 2019