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Pixel Pizza

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Pixel Pizza
Founder/CEO RileyServer
Number of Locations 3
Headquarters Wexford
Founded May 13, 2019

Pixel Pizza is a pizza chain started by RileyServer. It currently has 4 locations, the original located in Wexford. It serves Pizza.


1 Slice: $1.99

2 Slices: $3.00

6-Inch: $5.00

12-Inch: $8.00


City Name Nearest Transport/MRT Date Opened
Wexford  XE39  Foobar May 13, 2019
Sansberg  T48  Foobar May 13, 2019
XE38 (Unnamed City  XE38  Foobar May 15, 2019
Lapis Bay  XE31  Foobar May 16, 2019