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To be added.
Town Officials
Mayor CyAmethyst
Deputy Mayor SoaPuffball
Founder CyAmethyst
MRT Not connected.
Water Not connected.
Facts and Figures
Population 1
Town Hall Coordinates (X = -9211, Y = 64, Z = 15039)
Recognized as town Unrecognized
Town Rank Unranked
World New
Political Party Independent

Plainsley is a small settlement in the far south-western part of the server, surrounded by the plains biome and the nearby ocean. Its mayor is CyAmethyst.

Due to this being a relatively new town, more information will be added at a later time.


On October 29th, 2017, CyAmethyst named SoaPuffball to be the deputy mayor of Plainsley.

On November 12th, 2017, construction work started on Plainsley's dock.


- Tacurger Shack

- CherryTech

- Demeter Eatery

- Eat and Bowl