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Political Party Association of the MRT

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The Political Party Association of the MRT are the various political parties in the United Cities.

It was originally created as the various political parties within the League of Cities. This idea was introduced by Kiwirainbow on 16th December 2015, and first went into effect in the March LoC elections. These parties were unofficial, meaning the LoC voting process was not changed nor was one only allowed to run with a party nomination.

This system was implemented into the United Cities MPO when it wad founded on the 30th November 2016, with parties able to nominate candidates for the various positions within the structure of the MPO.


Party Color Party Name Official Abbreviation Coalition Date Founded Chairman(s) Brief Description Number of Members
N.E.P (Nyan Enterprise Party) (N) 12/16/2015 KittyCat11231
The NEP believes in limited interference between the server and/or official and unofficial organizations with the activities of players, cities, and businesses, unless they negatively impact other players. The party supports limited regulation on the development of towns and cities, and opposes censorship of players and organizations. Within the League of Cities, the party acts to promote its platform, nominating candidates for officer positions. We are basically libertarian. 0
SDP (Social Democratic Party) (D) 12/16/2015 Tarheelscouse SDP policies are characterised by near-left fiscal policy and libertarian social policy- a centre-left party promoting such issues as devolution, the need to raise the MRT minimum wage, and the rights of individuals as MRT citizens to decide their own future, irrespective of Central City bureaucracy. 4
StaDev (Standardized Development Party) (S) 12/16/2015 HanSangYoon StaDev Party is a center-right/moderate-right party of the MRT, but uniquely contains many center-left/moderate-left aspects, hence the party is conservative for progression and power, yet is liberal for quality of freedom and innovation. StaDev focuses on progressing under the key solution of balance; we believe everything controlled in moderation can lead us to the best scenario. Individual members have the right to customize a suitable StaDev Party policy for their own sovereign states. 0
TDP (Transport Democratic Party) (T) MRT International 12/17/2015 jamess2912 The peoples party for their community. Focusing on infrastructure and transport, the TDP is always ready to help their communities when needed. We also focus on stuff that could affect transport including health, education and economy. 1
EPC (Economic Protection Coalition) (P) 12/17/2015 LDShadowLord
The EPC Pledges to protect the rights of both companies and workers, for without one there cannot be the other. The EPC would be considered to be left-wing in their worker policies but right-wing in their fiscal policies. 0
P.P. (Political Faction Eradication Party) (X) 12/18/2015 TonyTajiri
We have one and one goal only. That is to eradicate all political parties on the MRT, because politics are bad for people. Feel free to join our very ironic group if you either 1) Don't give two craps about this stuff or 2) Don't fit in anywhere and can't be bothered to make a party. No anarchy or dictatorship. 1
OPEC (Organization of Peaceful and Established Communities) (O) 1/29/2016 frozen OPEC is a party dedicated to several things all at once: 1) to bring back MPOs and elevate them in importance within the LoC and the Server in general which will then promote better transit and road construction to many towns; 2) To abolish all wars, both inside LoC and with non-LoC cities -- telling the cities to let go of hostility; 3) To help and guide server policies to a better outcome with a focus on less ambiguity; 4) establish a partnership of business and economic interests to help develop cities to their best capabilities; and 5) To establish a fair and just court system in all 4 quadrants of the server, with a supreme court in Central City. 0
MGP (MRT Green Party) (G) MRT International 5/10/2016 Ardyle
The MRT Green Party emphasizes on terraforming and foresting urban areas of the MRT. It also supports preservation of rivers and natural areas. We believe in equality and peace between the players of the MRT. 9
FP (Freedom Party) (F) 6/25/2016 Ben6331 We believe in freedom for all citizens of the MRT and for everyone to build their cities to how they want it. Players shouldn't be limited in city development because of non-staff members and be free from any Central City power. We should be free to have our cities and businesses however we want it without any orders from non-staff members. We should also feel free to start an MPO of any size if we can control it and let players of any rank join an SMP or MPO. 0
EP (Enslavement Party) (V) 12/4/2016 KittyCat11231 We believe in enslavement for all citizens of the MRT and for everyone to build their cities how they are told. Players should be limited in city development because of non-staff members and be binded by all Central City power. We shouldn't be free to have our cities and businesses however we want it and be binded to hard labor by orders from non-staff members. We should also not feel free to start an MPO of any size or let players of any rank join an SMP or MPO. 1
Labour (Labour Party) (L) 12/3/2016 Jian_Zen The Labour Party aims to provide the gap the MRT currently experiences around centre-left aligned parties. The party's fundamental views include increased rights for citizens, open borders, economic transparency and the designation by governments of little or no cost services, such as transit and basic housing. 3
MRTFP (MRT Federalist Party) (U) 12/1/2016 mjpwwf Designed as a successor to StaDev, the MRT Federalist Party is a fiscally conservative, socially moderate party searching for classical principles and their application to a modern world. Our platform of "unity, liberty, opportunity" for all is influenced by the works of the American founders, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Ayn Rand, and other notable writers and thinkers in the classical liberal tradition. We view the MRT as a single unified nation, with the admods and United Cities together making its federal government, the ward system its provinces, and independent cities and city-states its regional governments. We support a non-interventionist foreign policy, comprehensive welfare reforms, a time and trend-driven economy free from bureaucratic regulation, and fundamental freedoms of speech and the press to promote the forgotten blessings of intellectual diversity. Most importantly, it is our goal to make the United Cities a body of checked power, transparent and accountable to those under it, which will preserve, protect, and defend the freedom of individuals and municipal governments for generations of MRT members to come. We invite you to visit our wiki page, where you can read a full party platform and get involved bringing tried and true solutions to the most complicated issues of our time. 3
RITDH (Rent Is Too Damn High Party) (R) MRT International 12/5/2016 Baseball02 The Rent Is Too Damn High Party emphasizes decreased housing costs, so that even the poorest people can afford a roof over their heads and a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 0
LPTP (Localized Public Transportation Party) (Q) 1/3/2017 FredTheTimeLord This party specifically focuses on transportation in local city areas rather than widespread towns and cities. It intends to help bring small towns and cities that are in the middle of nowhere or have no transportation by building roads and other transit lines to or near them. . 1
Centralist Party (C) 1/25/2017 jphgolf4321 The Centralist Party is a political party focused on compromise and centrist policies for the United Cities. More to come later. 3
WMP (Waterville Moderate Party) (W) GSC 6/13/2017 PtldKnight The Waterville Moderate Party is a party that strikes a balance with the views of both sides of the political spectrum and agrees with either side on a case by case basis. 0
SLP (Socialist Left Party) (A) 10/30/2017 nicrats The Socialist Left Party is a left-wing party which favours a welfare state and taxation of the wealthy. The party promotes itself as a feminist party. We are fighting for a society where women and men have equal opportunities. This means that women should earn as much as men, that there must be more women in the top positions, and that there are welfare schemes that provide equality in the workplace. 1
RPP (Regional Planning Party) (RP) 12/20/2017 woorich999 The Regional Planning Party focuses on power to the individual cities and regions. We basically want less power for the centralized governments and more power to the cities and their region. We also want regional planning for infrastructure with control to the cities in that region instead of higher governments voting on these issues. 3
CNV (MRT Conservative Party) (CNV) 1/6/2018 airplane320 The MRT Conservative Party stands for conservative values. Every City should follow MRT guidelines and should look realistic. The CNV stands for different minimum wages for different jobs to make sure there is no corruption. To ensure that each city can grow prosperously, you may modify terrain and get rid or enlarge rivers, and place things whee you want as long as you terraform and make the area at the end look natural. Also, smaller cities and towns should have more power and say so the big cities don't boss everyone around so the MRT can get some diversity. Also, CnV believes that mass immigration is bad and to be a legal citizen of a city, you need to contribute to the city and spend at least 10% of your time in that city. The CNV allows more power to smaller cities and towns and ensures everything is stable, by acting in a conservative way. 1
Kirdean Party (K) 3/28/2018 Needn_NL TBA 1
LSF (Liberal Sinn Féin) (LSF) Regional Protection Coalition 6/21/2018 CodyHM The Liberal Sinn Féin stands for radical liberalist values. Every City should follow MRT guidelines and should look realistic while still have the ability for creative freedom. The LSF stands for different minimum wages for different jobs to make sure there is no corruption. Each city should have the freedom tBPo build their city their way but should keep damage to the natural landscape to a minimum to ensure that each city can grow prosperously, while maintaining the natural habitat. Also, smaller cities and towns should have equal power and say to big cities. This ensures that small towns aren't affected by rules made to forward the agendas of bigger cities. Also, LSF believes that in order to preserve the nature of a region, all prospective citizens of a region will have to get residential permits for regional citizenship. To be a legal citizen of a city, you need to contribute to making the MRT a better community and environment for all users and spend at least 10% of your time in that region unless the player has a temporary emigration visa. The LSF allows more power to smaller cities and towns and ensures everything is stable, by acting in a Radical Liberalist way. 3
BP (Birthday Party) (BP) 6/26/2018 MojangChan Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday to you! 1

List of Cities' Affiliations

Note: heavily outdated

City Representative Party
Formosa camelfantasy (W)
Brunswick _hnt (W)
Arctic Plains SMP sesese9
Lacledic Republic jphgolf4321 (C)
Beaufort frankbros429
Birchwood Lake City PresidentQwerty
Armada Ardyle (G)
Kenthurst AlikSong (G)
Whiteley AP_Rednax
City-State of Kitania KittyCat11231 (V)
Royalston (REDACTED) QueenSmae
Sealane RLcrafters
Accerton CaptainChimpy (T)
Seaview jamess2912 (T)
Elecna Bay mine_man_ (D)
Whitechapel _frozen (O)
Lancaster _Redneck_Jesus_
Saint Roux bestmate66 (S)*
Wythern Baseball02 (R)
Siletz MeetMeInSpace (N)
Mason City kiwirainbow (N)
Grayzen (O) Cardinalland
Royal Ferry MIKE24Dude (X)
Janghwa City HanSangYoon (S)
Astoria TonyTajiri (X)
Snowtopic Duechayapol
Xilia (O) Yellowitcher
Ellesume allifarki
Utopia Narnia17 (C)
New Phoenix _MajorMagpie_
Storalisburg Vulpicula
Ezzo City ezzocraft (G)
Espil _InDev_ (U) (S)
Vermilion chiefbozx
Woodsdale Hightech_TR
Spruce Plains shadowboarder
Waterville (O) _Ptld (W)
Liten Gopher (W)
City of Evella LDShadowLord (P)
Konawa Soleurs
Loudoun DullesTdt
Royal Plaza KevinHeoTheLlama (S)
Newton-le-Willows Patrick44_LFC (N)
Airchester CortesiRaccoon
Dandenong MC_Dunc (S)
Mecklenburg tarheelscouse (D)
Kelvinside Martii_Scots01 (D)
Spruce Neck Derpy_Melon (W)
Golden City Goldenret (W)
Ben Nation Ben6331 (F)
Danielston mjpwwf (U)
Freedon SoSo123 (F)
Coruscant SilverBubble (U)
Northberg nicrats (A)
Zerez airplane320 (CNV)
The City of Seoland CodyHM (LSF)
Frostbite SirNatureWriter (LSF)
Deadbush MojangChan (BP)

* Saint Roux acts as an observer state for StaDev Party.


Parties Coalition Primary Tenets Increased UC Power Increased MPO Power Increased Staff Power Increased City Power Non - Interventionist war policy Abolition of war Introduction of taxation Introduction of welfare Establishment of UC Court Sytem City Development regulation Rank Deregulation Promoting free-market economy Increased regulation of free speech Increased minimum wage Increased environment protection Abolish the political party system
MRT Green Party MRT International Environmentalism Progressivism Eco Socialism Depends Depends No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Depends Yes Depends No Yes Yes No
Labour Party Social liberalism Social Democracy Progressivism Depends Yes No Yes Depends Yes Yes Yes Depends No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Rent is Too Damn High Party MRT International Social liberalism Egalitarianism Progressivism Depends Yes No Yes Yes Depends No Yes Yes Depends Yes Depends No Yes Yes No
MRT Federalist Party Allied with Establishment Party  (I)  Independent; is the successor to StaDev  (S)  Standard Development Party Libertarian conservatism Objectivism Federalism/divided sovereignty Depends Yes Depends Yes Yes No Depends No Yes No Depends Yes No No Depends No
Socialist Left Party Democratic socialism Feminism Eco socialism Depends Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Regional Planning Party Welfare capitalism Progressivism Regional co-operation No Yes Depends Yes Depends Depends Yes Yes Yes Depends Yes Yes No Depends Yes No
MRT Conservative Party More say for small Cities/Towns Ensure stable government with regulations Conservative Values and anti environmentalism Depends Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Depends Depends Yes No No Depends No No
Liberal Sein Féin Social liberalism and Democracy Progressivism Equality for All Yes Yes No Yes Depends Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Depends No Yes Yes No