Potato King

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Potato King
Company Staff
Founder/Owner bensismith
Key Locations
First Location Freshney Greystone Apt.
Second Location Omerah
Latest Location Rockham
Number of Locations 23
First Opened 17/10/14

Potato King is a new world franchise run by bensismith, and is a restaurant on the MRT. It currently has 23 locations, but it could be in your town, too!


  • 17/10/14 - First location opens in the Freshney Greystone Apartments! Another also pops up in Omerah, which will be the only one on the old world.
  • 22/4/15 - Potato King has officially, properly been launched! Please contact me for a store!
  • 25/4/15 - Potato King Nippia has opened, marking the first outside store! 3 more are on order, and will be completed in the coming weeks!
  • 28/5/16 - We're back! The wiki has been updated to reflect new stores opening! With the return of bensismith comes a new dawn for PK!


City Name Nearest MRT Number Of
Locations (if named/multiple) Type
FreshFoods N/A 0 All locations Licensing
Omerah On Old World 1 Special
Freshney  A16  Freshney 3 Greystone Apt., Poppyhill Rd, Marina Mall, Drive-Thru, Standard
Nippia  ZN21  Nippia North 1 Airside Boulevard Standard
Grayzen  XE3  Grayzen 1 Standard
Kenthurst  XW10  Kenthurst 1 Standard
Izumo  C34  Izumo - Financial 1 Oxford Standard
Spruce Neck  T2  Spruce Neck South 1 South Custom
Espil  C82  Espil - Cephyl Center 1 Detrix Center Quickie
Laclede  T14  North Laclede 1 Airport Plaza IntraRail Station Mall
Verdantium Far North-West 2 Central, Mall Custom, Mall (but like a Standard)
Copperport On a Northern Island 1 Custom
Chillington  NW24  Larkspur - LAR Airport 1 Standard
Eagleshore ( T33  -  C99  Jeeka closest;
See wiki page)
1 Standard
Nymphalia  EN23  Nymphalia - Snowspark 1 Mall
Pilmont  ZN31  Foobar 2 Elizabeth Exchange, Flagship Mall, Custom
New Acreadium  ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station 3 Mall, Cen. Station, Spring Garden Large Mall, Large Mall, Custom (Drive-Thru)
Rockham  V22  Foobar 1 Standard


Our menu focuses on Potatoes and not much else. They generally do not vary by store, but certain stores may have specials.

  • Baked Potatoes - the classic in hot, whole potato consumption. Sold in Plain, Cheesy or Beany.
  • Sacka' Taties - the Yorkshireism for a sack of potatoes. Can be obtain in a small or large sack, but can be weighed by kilogram.
  • Devil's Potato - a completely safe-for-consumption and completely delicious snack which is soft and hard in all the wrong right places! Can be bought as a single, as a box meal or a family meal.
  • Combo Boxes - only found in select stores, this allows for cheaper combinations of our best products.
    • Fries - surprisingly an exclusive item to some large Custom stores (currently in Verdantium Central). Do I need to explain fries?



The standalone version that most of our customers will be familiar with, characterised by its sinking walls design and use of Light Grey and Grey Stained Clay.


These versions are usually more compact and feature less tables (and more bars) for a quicker service; often doesn't use its own walls, or they are flat.

Large Mall

This version is for larger locations that are completely indoors and therefore don't have windows on all sides.


Currently only installed in 2 locations, the drive-thru allows you to order your potatoes ahead of time and just drive to the window to collect your food!

Quickie / Express

Usually have a limited menu and even more limited seating. This doesn't affect the quality of your potatoes, of course! Quickies are usually built-in versions (like a mall without seating), while Expresses are smaller still with either one man operation or just a vending machine! (Vending machines not listed)


Any other type of store that doesn't fit the pattern, for example it is given a building to fit into but is still standalone, has 2 storeys, custom theme, etc.

Order Up!

If you would like one to be built, please either contact bensismith in game or use this talk page, and he will look at the land available. He requests $1-3 for most stores, but larger stores may cost more as the customer deems necessary. These will be discussed either in chat or using the /mail feature upon completion if that is after the customer has left.